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6 Blogs Every #EventProf Needs to Read

Blair Pettrey

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Every single day, over two million blog posts are published. That’s a ton of content and information to consume as an event professional – where should an event professional even begin? Google searches alone can seem overwhelming. That's why we are featuring our favorite event professional themed blogs that offer high quality, useful and valuable content:

  1. Event Magazine 



    Event Magazine for Event Professionals

    If you’re looking for a multitude of valuable advice on a range of topics, look no further than Event’s online blog. From discussing how to increase market exchange by not saying the word millennial to using apps and menus to make the most of the event content – though they only publish content once or so a month, they have great information available

  2. The Mice Blog


    The Mice Blog for Event ProfessionalsDedicated to content that helps event planners and event professionals talk anything and everything about international meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions, the Mice Blog does it all. Their most recent article about event sustainability is on point!

  3. Event Industry News



    Event Industry News for Event Professionals

    There’s a lot going on in the world of the events industry – and Event Industry News’ attempts to be all over it from mobile event app acquisitions to top class events, Event Industry News continuously updates the events industry world as much as CNN updates the world.

  4. Event Tech Brief


    Event Tech Brief for Event Professionals

    When was the last time you were briefed on the news of the event professional world? Event tech brief provides helpful and timely information for event professionals from robot chat programs for your mobile event app to learning how to please your CMO as an event marketer.

  5. Grass Shack


    Grass Shack for Event Professionals

    If you’re an event professional, who prefers podcasts to blog posts, look no further than Grass Shack. While a traditional audio/videos company for events, Grass Shack’s weekly podcast provide unique and valuable ideas and solutions for a multitude of event professional concerns including Social Media wins and Healthy Catering.

  6. MeetingPlay


    MeetingPlay for Event Professionals

    Our goal is to provide valuable and worthwhile content and solutions each and every post we make for event professionals, all while providing a way to learn more about our mobile event appsevent registration and indoor wayfinding app platforms. From event marketing to event success – we aim to answer the questions any #eventprofs may have. Have we not already answered your events technology question already? Let us know, and we will do our best to provide you an answer!

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