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RFID Technology In Action


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At a basic level, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology uses small computer chips and antennas to store information, transmit data, and create a unique identifier for the stored data. RFID technology is contained in small “tags” and used for location tracking and information gathering.

RFID chips are small enough to fit into event bracelets or badges. While the technology is simple, RFID-enabled bracelets and badges have the power to transform your event by adding more security, customization, efficiency and fun while offering your attendees a better arrival and onsite experience. Read more about the benefits of this technology here.

Case Study

So, what does RFID technology look like during an actual event? MeetingPlay recently used RFID wristbands for a client’s event in Las Vegas. The conference lasted over four days, featured a variety of smaller events along with the main event, and welcomed over 9,000 attendees. 

RFID Technology In Action Case StudyOur client initially approached us to help them with attendee check-in. In previous years, they managed the process on their own with success. However, their event grew from 2,500 to 9,000 attendees, and they wanted a more efficient way to handle the large crowds.

As we learned more about their experiences and desired outcomes, we were able to craft the perfect solution for them – RFID wristbands, access control, and a custom app.

Here’s how the process played out for their event:

RFID Technology Controlled access-Attendees had the option to receive their RFID          wristbands in advance by mail or during                      registration at the event (two-thirds elected to        get their bands the day of the event, the other          third received theirs in the mail)
-The day of the event, attendees scanned their          bands at the entrances to the stadium to verify        registration
-Ushers were present to assist with scanning and      to help attendees find their seats
-After entering the venue, attendees could enjoy      exclusive event activities depending on the                access rights stored in their bracelets
-Attendees had the option to upgrade their event    access through the mobile app or secure website

From start to finish, our client integrated our mobile app and RFID bracelets into their event.

And the results?

Our clients were thrilled with how easy it was for their attendees to check-in and begin to experience their amazing event. They were able to offer a better experience to their guests while reducing the amount of work and hassle they needed to invest on their end.

There were also benefits for our client above and beyond their initial expectations. At first, we discussed the RFID bands with them in the context of a more efficient check-in process. However, as we continued our discussion, they became more interested in the security and product promotion opportunities RFID could provide for their event.

Some of the RFID highlights our client mentioned to us included:

-Their check-in process was efficient and user-friendly. This got attendees through              registration and security in record times, allowing an on time start for their event
-Access to workshops and exclusive events was controlled using the wristbands
-The hotel venue was excited to see the level of security offered by the RFID bands
-Attendees used the RFID bands as unique identifiers. This allowed them to take notice        of other attendees even when they were outside of the event venue, which helped to        facilitate networking
-Our client used the app to promote products and up-sell packages

The entire event was a huge success. Our client was able to enhance their attendees’ experiences using the combination of RFID bands and our mobile event app. To put it in our client’s words, “We created a service for their convention that they didn’t even know they needed.”

Are your events missing a key piece of technology? Could you elevate your attendees’ experiences and engagement using RFID technology or a mobile event app? Contact us today so we can discuss how our technology can boost your events. 

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