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6 Quick Tips for Sending Real-Time Event Surveys


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Often, the best time to ask a survey question is when the event experience is fresh in the mind of your attendee When you ask questions in real time, there's a different set of best practices than the typical survey. Here are six best practices we share with our clients to help you get the most out of your real-time surveys.Real Time Event Surveys

1. Keep it short

Rule number one for real time surveys: keep them brief. Attendees are in the midst of a busy event; they don’t have time to sit down and ponder a bunch of long, open-ended questions. Maximize response rates by keeping the surveys short, specific and to-the-point.

2. Be mindful of frequency

It would be amazing to get feedback on all of your event sessions. But attendees won’t complete a unique survey for each of the five sessions they attended throughout the day. Prioritize which sessions you really care about, or send one quick daily survey.

3. Be responsive in real time

Use your surveys as a way to enhance your event as it unfolds. For example: if you got feedback that a session was too long, you could schedule a short break during the next day’s session. Or if people didn't feel like they were able to network enough, add a quick icebreaker activity to the next day's morning session, or arrange breakfast tables by areas of interest.

4. Set your surveys on a timer

Real Time Event Survey Questions Make sure to open the right survey at the right time. If an attendee is dissatisfied with something that happened on day one, you don’t want them completing the post-event survey right then and there. You don’t want to miss this feedback — you just don’t want them to make a snap judgement and rate the entire conference as a waste of time.

You also don’t want attendees providing vague feedback ten days after the event. Close the survey after a week and send out notifications reminding attendees to take the post-event survey.

5. Tie every question to a goal

Keep your event goals in mind when coming up with survey questions. Don’t waste attention span with questions that don’t really matter in the final analysis.

6. Drive to surveys with push notifications

Send out a push notification when a survey becomes available, then keep an eye on response rates through your event app’s control center. If response rates are low, send out another notification later reminding attendees to take the survey.

Remember to collect information that will improve the attendee experience, and help you boost your event’s ROI. Make sure attendees are satisfied with the important stuff, like networking and useful, actionable content. For help with real time event survey questions, we recommend checking out our articles on both pre-event surveys and post-event surveys.


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