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7 Questions To Ask Before Implementing New Event Tech


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Have you been reading about some of the new event app tech trends and thinking about ways you can incorporate those features into your next event? We know new technology can be scary. After all, you are taking a leap so might be concerned about how it's going to work. We've put together this list of 7 questions to ask as you are evaluating providers that might help to ensure success.

event app technology risks1. What's the biggest risk of using this technology at my event?

This question gets to whether your provider can articulate a strong backup plan. A good vendor should be able to answer this immediately and provide you with alternatives. On property, things can change quickly. Your technology should adapt just as quickly.

2. Can you give me an example of where you saw the highest ROI when using this technology?

You don't want to be in a post-con with your client and find that you don't have ROI numbers to share for your app.  Any value provided by the app can't just be about savings from printed agendas. If that's the route you take, your post-event survey results will certainly reflect it with low engagement scores. By focusing on your goals upfront, it will help to ensure that your features work to support those goals. As a follow-up question, ask if you can speak with a meeting planner in the example(s) referenced.

3. What work do I have to do to make this successful?

new event app trendsAre you working with a service-oriented company or is the ownness on you to build out the app?  In our experience, most planners don't have time to focus on the app, or know where to start. With full-service app providers, they'll be looking mainly just for the delivery of event content and details. When it comes to some of these new tech features, make sure what's going to be requested from you is clear upfront, so there are no surprises during development.

4. How many of your clients have used these features at past events?

Your vendor should be able to site multiple instances of when they've implemented this technology. If you are working with a vendor who doesn't have a proven track record with any of this technology - that could be a red flag.

promoting event app5. What recommendations do you have on how to best promote these technologies with attendees?

Having the coolest new technology at your event will mean nothing if attendees aren't aware of it, or don't know how to use it.  Too often, there is more interest in getting the technology pushed out and no focus on ensuring usage. From our experience, we still find gamification to be a great way to get people excited and engaged with the app. Make sure your vendor has a good plan to make sure your attendees use your new features.

mobile event app privacy6. Can you explain your privacy and security policies?

You're likely aware of all the security and privacy issues which came into focus this year, especially around Facebook but has included many other companies as well. You should also be aware of the new GDPR regulations that went into effect in May. If not, read more here. Your attendees have to opt in to features that will be part of your app. Your vendor should have a clear and documented plan on this. 

7. Is this an all-in-one solution?

Are all the features you are considering part of the app or does your vendor also work with other providers? Having one app solution means one admin solution and just one system to learn and use. You also want to make this easy for attendees - the more you make them work, the less successful your app is going to be. So one solution and one app to download is probably your best course.

Our best advice when considering new technology - allow the technology to fit where there's a need. Technology should be used to enhance the meeting experience and create a meaningful and purposeful impact. Always start with your meeting goals and then layer in technology that will help you meet those goals.

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