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#MPSpotlights: Paint Your Event - Live Event Artist, Heidi Schwartz

Blair Pettrey

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Wanting to showcase the stories of the amazing professionals within the events industry, MeetingPlay occasionally showcases a fellow #EventProf in our #MPSpotlights. 

Today we meet Heidi Schwartz of Paint Your Event - a live event painting experience. Meet Heidi:

Art Interest and Paint Your EventQ: When did your interest in art begin?

A: Childhood. Ever since I was a kid, it’s always been what I’ve done. I’m basically a kid about it now.

Q: How have you developed your talent over time?

A: Hours, just clocking hours doing the work. That’s really the only way to develop any talent – spending time with your craft. Nurturing anything is all time and attention; talent’s no different.

Q: What made you think to combine your talent with the events industry?

A: I didn’t. I completely fell into it by accident. I’d been pursuing music but had always painted, and I recorded an album where for each song I did a corresponding painting. Out of that, I was attempting to get a job singing on a showboat here in Nashville, where I still live, and the entertainment manager asked me to paint live at a dinner party after he happened to see my paintings. That was the start and it grew from there.

Live event paintingQ: When meeting with potential clients – how do you best, and perhaps quickly, describe exactly what you do?

A: I call myself “quiet entertainment.” I capture in real time the event in a creative, impressionistic way, basically setting up a mini-art studio at the event. And at the end, the client has a piece of art, a connection with that moment forever.

Q: What is the hardest part about being a live event artist? 

A: Setting up, tearing down. And organizing all my supplies to get on an airplane – getting each of my bags under the fifty-pound weight limit is always an adventure.

live event artistQ: In the same sense, what is your favorite part about being a live event artist?

A: I like that I get the opportunity to create art that people are connected to; that it isn’t just a piece of décor, it is a memory as a work of art. As for the process, painting under a time limit is exhilarating. It is like emergency art, like an E.R. doctor of art. It is zen for me and has benefited me a great deal personally, taught me about being grounded, present in my surroundings. I look at a room differently when I know I have to paint it and it centers me in the moment.

Q: Who are your ideal clients?

A: Every client is an ideal client because any person could have some special occasion or milestone they want to be captured in a work of art. I’ve done large events, intimate events, corporate retreats and fundraisers for non-profits. I have to say, those have been among the most rewarding – seeing my work auctioned off at the end of the evening, knowing it is lending tangible support a good cause.

Heidi is extremely talented and brings a truly unique experience to events. You can view more of Heidi's work at or experience it on her YouTube page.

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