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    What In-Person Events Will Look Like Post COVID-19

    With 2020 more than halfway over and COVID-19 raging on in the United States, nearly everyone is starved for human interaction, but many planners...

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    Managing Live Stream Lag: How to Prepare Your Virtual Presenters

    Let’s just start off by saying: Meeting planners are kicking butt at pivoting and planning virtual events these days. COVID-19 spurred the events...

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    Why Hybrid Events Are Our Immediate Future

    As nearly every industry attempts to shift its processes in response to COVID-19, event planning has been particularly shaken by the pandemic....

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    How to Plan Multilingual Virtual Events

    International event planning is becoming more and more sophisticated, with virtual event software that enables experiences that surprise and awe...

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    27 Swag and Giveaway Ideas for Virtual Events

    True to our indelible human spirit, we look for ways to adapt and thrive when faced with adversity. While in-person-only events fall away for now,...

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    The New Normal: How to be an Expert at Hybrid Events

    MeetingPlay CEO Joe Schwinger and BizBash Founder and Chairman Dave Adler sat down virtually with thousands of event professionals to discuss how...

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