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    5 Useful Tools For Onsite Communication During Events

    While you and your teammates are busy setting up, testing equipment and greeting vendors for your event, frequent and open communication is...

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    Dynamic Speakers to Consider for Your Upcoming Event

    Booking the right speaker is critical to the success of your event. If you’re wondering where to begin when it comes to how to find a speaker or...

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    5 Cities on the Rise for Events in 2020

    The event world is booming in North America. Last year, Las Vegas, New York, and Orlando, FL were the top three cities for which events were held....

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    7 Common Event Planning Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

    Event planning consistently ranks as one of the most challenging — and yes, sometimes most stressful — jobs. In large part, this comes from...

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    How Event Planners Can Create an Event on Google

    If you’re an event planner, you need to understand Google. With the search engine giant accounting for over 85% of all global mobile search...

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    5 Tips for Including Mocktails and Booze-Free Options at Your Event

    Libations have been a part of social gatherings for ages, and have certainly been a big to-do in event planning of all types. However, as we...

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