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    Best Virtual Event Advice from Industry Experts

    Search the terms “Virtual Events” or “Virtual Event Planning” in your web browser and you might hit on some sage advice. Or, alternatively, you...

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    How to Choose the Right Virtual Event Formats

    You know the're in the thick of planning an upcoming event and are trying to come up with ideas for new, engaging formats to excite...

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    Presenter Tips and Tricks for Your Best Virtual Event

    Do you want to learn how to be a successful presenter at a virtual event? Or, maybe, you are an event planner and you’d like to know how to train...

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    5 Easy Steps to Create Awesome Virtual Event Breakouts


    The word’s out - virtual events are all of the rage. Your biggest questions have probably been answered: “What platform should I use?”, “How can...

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    Virtual Event Sponsors: 10 Creative Ideas to Keep Them in the Spotlight

    As you plan virtual and hybrid events, you may be wondering, “How can I give my sponsors and exhibitors exposure during my event and connect them...

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    Does Virtual Networking Really Work?

    It’s the question we have all been thinking. The event industry has been turned upside down, events that take months, even years to plan have been...

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