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5 Useful Tools For Onsite Communication During Events


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While you and your teammates are busy setting up, testing equipment and greeting vendors for your event, frequent and open communication is critical. During the event itself, communication only becomes more important. There are a bunch of apps out there designed to help you talk with your team while onsite (or between different sites). So many, in fact, that it's becoming difficult just to research them all! Here, we’ve compiled 5 useful apps for clear and efficient communication.

Event Communication


Chances are, you’ve already heard about or use Slack. It’s become one of the most widely used tools in the business world. “Channels” will keep you and your team organized as they can be segmented by project, topic, group/team, clients and direct messaging. Users can join or leave channels as they need. It’s effective for messaging as well as face-to-face video or voice calls. It’s more than just a way to connect and is also an easy-to-use file sharing system. The platform is available for iOS, Windows phone, web and Android.

Team Tracker

Event Communication - Team TrackerIs part of your team on location at a different site? Team Tracker allows you to access real time location information, chat with individuals, track attendance and broadcast group messages. The app also offers detailed reports on your team’s location and coverage. Knowing where your teammates are will allow you to find colleagues near you and optimize workflow. 


HeyTell modernizes the idea of a walkie-talkie. This instant voice messenger app works faster than a text and has high quality audio. The app works across multiple platforms and is the perfect solution to use voice communication without making a call. 


Skype is probably one that you’re familiar with. It’s commonly used for personal and business matters alike. It’s convenient to use on a desktop, tablet or phone and combines text, video conferencing, voice calls and document/file sharing into one user friendly app.

VoxerEvent Communication - Voxer

Another powerful PTT (push-to-talk) app, Voxer works in real time across multiple platforms and devices. The app allows you to create 1:1 or group chats, using text, photos, videos and audio. Messages are saved and stored so you and your team can revisit and/or catch-up on the conversation. 

How can MeetingPlay help?

Explore these options for fast, reliable and effective internal communication while onsite. Including everything from project management and file sharing to voice messaging in real time, these tools are designed to streamline productivity and keep everyone on the same page. For more on which tools we think every planner needs, check out our sister post. To learn more about how MeetingPlay can help with event tech strategy, and get the most out of your event, schedule a free demo or talk it over with a MeetingPlay expert!

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