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Next Gen in RFID | MeetingPlay

Blair Pettrey

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MeetingPlay recently brought an innovative custom experience for their attendees.  During an event held in earlier this March, MeetingPlay integrated RFID technology with a efficient and exciting process for check-in and throughout the entire event.  

The conference was full of awarding attendees CE Credits and providing plenty of workshops and other sessions to choose from to form their own personal agendas.  With all of these options came the need to keep everyone's personal agenda organized, have them easily accessible, know who is to be awarded CE Credits, as well as a way for attendees to know they are getting the credits they earned!  Thus, came MeetingPlay!  

Here's what MeetingPlay provided:

MeetingPlay totally revamped how registration was done onsite.  Before it was a long process including pounds of paper, reviewing even more paper for schedules and payments and then signing another page for approval of everything.  With MeetingPlay's RFID influenced registration check-in process,  attendees would check-in and receive their name badge.  Every name badge had a RFID chip associated to it.  This allowed attendees to scan into one of the kiosks at registration. 

Upon scanning in, they would see their personal agenda with each session they chose.  Once they reviewed it, they signed their name on the same screen which confirmed their sessions and payments were correct, finalizing seating space for each session.  This helped speed the process of registration as well as getting attendees excited for the technology being used, not to mention having taken off a 10 pound load of papers off their back!  Attendees loved feeling of being "high-tech."  

CE Credits/Session Check-Ins

MeetingPlay also integrated RFID technology with session check-ins for CE Credits.  There were multiple sessions awarding attendees CE Credits.  MeetingPlay made this process a lot more simple for the attendees to receive the credits and keep track of which they have earned as well as, on the back end, knowing who to award the credits to.

How it worked was for each session that had CE Credits, there were multiple check in stations as well as someone by the door ensuring everyone scanned in for credits.  If someone passed by one of the kiosks, they were there to check them in with their hand held device.  This process went smooth and FAST.  Fast is key especially when one of the sessions awarding CE credits was a general session inviting over 600 people into a few doors within a small time frame.  The last thing you want to see is a line forming.  With this new process and the quickness that RFID provides, there was no such thing as a line the entire conference (except maybe at the coffee station!).  

As attendees were checked-in, it would update in real time in the admin system.  This allowed for double checking to see  who was checking in to receive the credits and then finally give them the approval to receive their appropriate certificate.  

Event Kiosks

During the event, there were kiosks placed around the venue.  These kiosks had a few purposes for the attendees.  Attendees would scan their badge to login in to the portal.  From here they could browse the agenda, see the sessions awarding CE Credits and see how which they have earned credits from, and view dining options.  


Once scanned in attendees could see the entire agenda for the conference, helping keeping them in the know for where and when to go.


CE Credits

Attendees could also view a list of sessions that awarded CE Credits.  On the same screen it would show them if they have received a credit for attending.  This kept everyone up to date and well informed of upcoming opportunities to earn credits.


Along with the agenda and CE Credits, there was a dining tab that showed attendees all of the dining options in the resort as well as nearby restaurants for the food adventurers! Each place was loaded with information to what kind of food was served, operating hours, location and phone number for reservations and questions. 

MeetingPlay's Mobile Event App

MeetingPlay delivered a data driven app for the event.  Every option that was available to attendees was also available in the hands of the attendees.  Giving them multiple ways to access the data that was needed.  Alongside of agenda, dining options, and CE Credits there was in depth profiles on each speaker, and a slew of downloadable content for attendees to have direct access to.  With over 100 documents, attendees could help further their knowledge as well as share it with coworkers once they left the conference by having an option to send the documents straight to their email.

All in all MeetingPlay helped provide a unique engaging experience that helped ease the process for both attendees as well as the event staff!