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MeetingPlay's Newest Virtual Features


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Our virtual platform continues to bring the most advanced technology, backed with AI, to the forefront of the event industry with capabilities that suit the needs of events, big and small. 

When you work with MeetingPlay, you gain access to technology that is continuously evolving to suit your needs. Here’s some of our newest features, just for you.

Training Portals

Learn how to use MeetingPlay Virtual in one of our Training Portals!


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As you access our platform, you will be able to: 

  • Learn about MeetingPlay Virtual by watching a video tour of our platform

  • Test your hardware to make sure you are ready to present

  • Report any issues with the push of a button

  • Admin reporting for progress tracking through training portal



Enhanced Collaborative Workshops

Face to face interactions are never lost in our collaborative workshops.


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Now with more options than ever to bring your breakouts to life, presenters and audience members can work together with ease. 

  • Audience list is in main view of the session

  • Presenters can bring their audience members on camera with them 



Exhibitor Testing Rooms

Take the jitters out of presentation day! Sponsors and exhibitors can now access their platform before the event to prepare and practice their presentation. 


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  • Each testing room is unique to each exhibiting company

  • Other users do not see anything related to the test room

  • Administrators can join test rooms


Configurable dashboard agenda

Choose your own adventure when planning your event agenda!

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Show what sessions you want to see and when to see them. 

  • Control which sessions pull into the agenda on the dashboard (full agenda, favorites, certain track, etc)

  • Currently pulls full agenda



Set the attendee journey

Move through your virtual event with ease with automatic next session progression. 

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  • Automatically move attendees (or prompt attendees to move) from one session to the next, or from a certain page into another.

It’s important to know that choosing virtual event software is not one size fits all. MeetingPlay offers the ability to customize and create an event that is truly yours. In addition, we partner with you to learn about what your event needs and we boost your event's engagement to make your event a success. 


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