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New App & New Registration for the New Year

Blair Pettrey

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Today we at Meeting Play are very excited to announce our new and improved app along with a totally new registration system.  We have been working hard over the past year from researching and developing, as well as taking in every suggestion from working onsite at events to bring you two amazing new products. 

We have totally revamped our mobile event app to make it much faster, engaging, and intuitive!  That alongside our new totally customizable registration that works seamlessly with the mobile app helps makes us a one stop show for your event technology needs.

Meeting Play's Registration

We are very excited for our brand new registration system.  This new registration system allows for event planners to create their own custom registration.  With features like customized event design, multi-track agendas, attendee management, secure payment processing, custom fields/forms/questions, and reporting just to start off the list.   

Meeting Play 2.0

Meeting Play's new mobile app, Meeting Play 2.0, brings a bang to the New Year for mobile event apps.  Over the past year studying and researching the best uses for event apps, Meeting Play's revamped mobile event app is the best way for increasing engagement as well as making it easier to use for attendees and event planners.  We have also increased the speed of the app!  Meeting Play 2.0 scans QR Codes in a fraction of the time with all the hard work our developers have put in.  With capabilities of having a totally native app, and a new and improved design and platform, Meeting Play 2.0 delivers a fantastic, feature-full mobile event app. 

Enhanced Polling

Meeting Play's new look for polling has finally hit stage!  After hearing feedback from many speakers and event professionals, Meeting Play has put all the suggestions together and made the necessary improvements.  With Meeting Play's new polling, it allows for a presenter to show results in many formats whether they would like to display results in a bar graph, pie graph or circle graph in real time!          

Advanced Reports

Our new app also means a leap forward with far more advanced reports.  Since ROI is very important to us and event planners, we have upped our reporting section to bring you the deepest most inclusive insight for immediate results.  So not only will you be able to see a difference at your event, but you will have all the numbers to prove it!  With our new reporting it gives you not only a deeper array of insight but also a wide spread of data so you will be able to make immediate changes to your event where needed and also see places that could be improved long term.  

All the new updates to Meeting Play's rolodex of solutions has just made the event planners job go that much smoother.  The next generation of event technology is here.