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A HubSpot survey found that 100% of the people they interviewed felt that face-to-face meetings were essential to long-term business relationships. Additionally, 68% of professionals preferred face-to-face networking over digital platforms. These stats show how critical in-person networking is to business professionals.

The survey results above are especially relevant to your attendees’ goals at your event. Networking is one of the main reasons your attendees show up. And your event provides the perfect opportunity for face-to-face networking. When you bring people together in one place, they’re compelled to connect.

Meeting and Event Networking

But what makes events such an efficient conductor for networking? What explains your attendee’s urges to connect when they’re around other attendees?

The Similarity Attraction Effect and Event Networking

Attraction Effect and Event NetworkingAccording to an article on, a hypothesis known as the “Similarity Attraction Effect” explains the desire your attendees feel to connect with each other at your event. This theory states that people gravitate to others who are like themselves.

The article explains that fear of rejection, desire to be socially accepted, and a search for more enjoyable communication are several of the factors that drive the similarity effect.

At face value, this theory makes sense. In your daily life, you’re more likely to connect with other people when you share the same ideas, experiences, and routines as they do.

So how does the similarity effect apply to your events, and your attendees’ inclinations to connect?

The Natural Flow of Event Networking

If people are attracted to others based on similarity, it’s no surprise that events would foster tons of networking opportunities. Think about it. Your event attendees have a lot in common, like:Natural Flow of Event Networking

-Work Experiences
-Family Life
-Personal Interests
-Career Paths
-Job Titles
-Geographic Locations

The Similarity Attraction Effect should be in full swing at your event. When you bring your attendees together in one location and let them share what they have in common, they’re bound to connect.

As humans, we’re driven by social-psychological factors to meet each other. And events happen to be the perfect spaces for us to connect.

Event attendees value the opportunity to meet with others who may have faced similar challenges and can share best practices. If an attendee leaves an event with a new solution to problems they’re facing, new skills they can apply when back in the office, along with new connections who can be a resource in the future, you’ll have found success.

So, if connections happen naturally at your event, what role should you and your event technology play?

The Role of Mobile Technology in Event Networking

You shouldn’t force networking on your attendees. It should happen naturally, whenever and wherever it can during your event. And the Similarity Attraction Effect has shown us that your attendees are already inclined to connect with other attendees based on shared interests and experiences.

Your role is to create more opportunities for your attendees to meet one another, and to create an environment that facilitates effortless networking. And the right mobile event app can help you create these opportunities in fun and exciting ways.

Event Networking AppYour attendees can make meaningful connections easily using:

-Attendee Profiles
-Event Gamification
-Proximity Alerts
-Direct Messaging
-QR Code Scanning
-Attendee Matchmaking

You don’t want to get in the way of networking or force it on your attendees. All you need to do is use the right tools to create an environment where it’s desirable and easy for your attendees to connect. 

In Conclusion

Create an exhilarating experience for your attendees. Provide them with plenty of opportunities to connect, then sit back and watch the Similarity Attraction Effect go to work.

Contact us to learn more about how our customizable mobile event apps can help your attendees network.


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