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Level-Up Virtual Event Production: MeetingPlay Studio Update


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The rise of innovation with virtual events brings an interesting side effect: It has reset audience expectations of what online event programming should be. Gone are the days where a simply produced Zoom webinar will fly with attendees. Audiences have come to expect relevant, informative, TV-quality programming at virtual and hybrid events. When it comes to keeping virtual attendees engaged and preventing drop-off, the quality of content production is everything.  


But not every event and budget warrants bringing in a full-scale production studio. MeetingPlay customers expressed the need for a solution to easily create and stream or record professional-looking, branded content for all their events, big or small.  


To fulfill that need, MeetingPlay Studio was born. We have built a feature-rich, comprehensive solution that allows anyone to build and stream beautiful, branded content with their webcam. In fact, our customers loved it so much, we added some exciting features to make it even better. 


Check-out a few of the new features that are helping event organizers take their content to a whole new level of awesomeness.  


Enhanced Director Tools 

Imagine being a movie director building a scene for your audience. MeetingPlay Studio lets you be the Director of your broadcast where you can bring presenters in and out of your scene. Share content and smoothly transition between different presenter and content displays so your audience feels like they are watching a network broadcast. Create grid displays and add lower thirds, just like your favorite sports show or the news.

MP Video Selection GIF

Connect with Presenters Backstage 

Remember the old days of pre-cons where your presenters would do a dry run? Studio makes it easy for you to connect with presenters backstage before, during, and after your broadcast. Answer questions in real time, test equipment, complete a practice run, and record sample broadcast, giving your presenters confidence to go live 


Brand Your Broadcast

You‚Äôve made a big investment in your branding and you want to make sure your content makes it shineWith MeetingPlay Studio, you can add custom colors, logo, backgrounds, and lower thirds titles with a click. 


Play Commercials and Other Media

Want to share a sponsor video or a new product teaser to your audience? You can upload and play media during your live broadcast, all within your Studio interface.

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Dazzle with Layered Effects

Sometimes, it‚Äôs the little things that do a lot to dazzle your audience and elevate production value. Studio‚Äôs new layering features makes it easy to layer GIFs and eye-popping effects to your video display, moving them forwards and backwards, just like using Photoshop and Canva. 

MP Studio Page Layers


Create an Interactive Experience

Your audience wants to do more than just watch your session. They want to have a voice and feel engaged. Create two-way conversations by incorporating audience comments and Q&A in your live broadcast, and you can even message attendees privately. Send real time messages and polls to keep them on their toes.  

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Connect Seamlessly

MeetingPlay Studio and these new features integrate with our Virtual Platform and Mobile App, creating a seamless viewing experience for your virtual and hybrid audiences 


Run Your Own Show Like a Pro

Want to know the best part? Your attendee will never know you didn‚Äôt hire a production studio (Don‚Äôt worry, we‚Äôll keep your secret safe!)We can‚Äôt wait for you to see MeetingPlay Studio in action.  


Get a demo today and start producing the TV-quality programming your audience demands!

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