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Mobile Event App - How MeetingPlay Can Enhance Your Event

Blair Pettrey

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Mobile apps are the new face of attendee engagement, and #‎EventProfs know it! With custom options to showcase your brand, proprietary algorithms that make each app experience for your events attendees custom and personalized, live polling between your attendees and speakers, sponsor showcases, one on one messaging, social integration and so much more – there’s no wonder hundreds of companies already use MeetingPlay’s platform to increase engagement at their events. Will your event be next?

Watch our mobile event app video that helps show how MeetingPlay can help enhance your next event!

Raise your hands if you are one of the hundreds of companies that have used MeetingPlay’s mobile event app platform to increase event attendee engagement at your last event. Great! That's because mobile event apps are the new face of event attendee engagement. At MeetingPlay, we have all the capabilities for taking your event to the next level.

With so many options for enhancing your event or conference, it can be tough to figure it all out on your own. That's why MeetingPlay’s mobile app for events and conference’s works hand-in-hand to find your conference or seminar goals and then design and develop a mobile app to fit your event’s specific needs.

Maybe as an event professional, you want real-time notifications to help keep your event attendees in the now. With the MeetingPlay mobile event app platform’s scalable custom platform, it allows for endless options, all at the tips of your fingers. The MeetingPlay audience response systems (ARS also known as live polling) connect the audience and speaker together through real time polling and interactive questions. The MeetingPlay mobile event app platform provides a fun new way for attendees to network with each other, creating lasting connections beyond your event. And that's just the beginning of what the MeetingPlay mobile app has to offer. With so many engaging features there is no doubt your event will be a success.

And just to show you how successful it was the MeetingPlay mobile event app provides you with post-conference analytics so event professionals and event planners can see exactly how engaged their event’s attendees were.

So make sure when you're planning your next event, that the MeetingPlay mobile event app is on the list and let MeetingPlay help you enhance your event and engage your event attendees in a whole new way.