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How MeetingPlay’s Mobile Event Apps Can Return an ROI

Blair Pettrey

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Event professionals who seek a mobile event app often think that it’s too expensive, or that they don’t really need one. However, they fail to realize the significant value gained by using a premier mobile event app with MeetingPlay . 

  1. App Sponsorships

There are opportunities for meetings and events to generate revenue within an app with sponsorships. These possibilities range from a sponsor taking on the entire cost of the mobile event app to several in-app opportunities, such as banners, rollovers, push notifications, and highlighted sponsor profiles.

Whether you have one overall event app sponsor or list several sponsors on a dedicated page within the app, MeetingPlay will work with you to implement a revenue-generating solution.

  1. MeetingPlay Offers a True All-in-One Solution

Instead of spending the budget on multiple different technologies for an event, event professionals can save money (and delight their attendees) by having all of their event technology in one single event app.

Not only does this reduce cost; it allows event professionals to save time by having just one point of contact.

Additionally, with MeetingPlay’s apps, event planners can quickly and easily see the ROI in real time. From seeing how many attendees have downloaded the app to tracking session attendance, MeetingPlay’s reporting proves the app’s value.

  1. Printing Costs

Conferences, meetings, and events, even with the shift to the digital age, typically rely on printed materials for their events: agendas, badges, signage, maps, tickets… the list continues on and on.

MeetingPlay can help drastically decrease or even eliminate many of the costs associated with printing items, such as agendas and handouts. For example, rather than a speaker printing out hundreds of copies of a presentation guide, we can upload that file into the app so attendees can access it through their phones instead. They can even email the file to themselves, allowing them to reference the material months later without having to go back into the app.


Event apps can vary in cost, reflective of the needs of the event and the features included. While a mobile event app may seem like an extra cost, it provides opportunities to absorb some (if not all) of the traditional expenses that it replaces.

Drop us a line or give us a ring to learn how MeetingPlay’s event technology solutions could help WOW your next event and produce an ROI that genuinely defends every #eventprofs need to #defendthespend.

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