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We Are MeetingPlay | MeetingPlay Manifesto

Blair Pettrey

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We’re not like other mobile event app companies.

Why would we be?

They only make mobile event apps.

We’re in the changing-the-events-industry business.

We are unapologetically MeetingPlay.

We listen to the goals and needs of our clients.

We achieve success because we met with listening ears first.

We started small, but our ambitions and goals were always big.

We grew. We grow. We will continue to grow and change and become.

Because MeetingPlay is about adaptability, innovation, and engagement.

We believe in hard work.

We believe in teamwork.

We believe in you, and I, and WE.

We know that by working together – bigger, better, and more happens.

That’s why MeetingPlay believes in each other – uplifting each other.

We know that the events industry is ever changing, and as part of MeetingPlay, we are committed to being top of the line, ahead of the game, in every way.

(All the while, still providing the services, features, and comforts that our clients have grown to love along the way.)

We are unapologetically MeetingPlay.

Work hard. Build together. Lift Success.

Unrelenting in our determination, commitment, and focus to help event professionals succeed.

Empowering. Engaging. Customizing. -the way in which event attendees engage, interact, and experience live events. 

Showing, sharing, and proving the powerful impact of event technology for event professionals. 

We are MeetingPlay.