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MeetingPlay's Lead Retrieval: Your Personal Matchmaker


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As you walk through a live event, what do you see? There should be attendees, large exhibit halls, presentations and networking events. Essentially, there’s going to be a lot there to keep you busy and entertained. As a professional looking to network with other professionals, sifting through attendee profiles and sponsorship booths to find the right match can be exhausting. But what if your mobile device you could send you perfect connections in real time?  

As an exhibitor, it can be equally as challenging to find the leads you want. Don’t spend time searching for quality leads. MeetingPlay’s matchmaking assistant doesn’t only deliver quality connections from peer-to-peer; attendees who match your exhibitor profile will also connect to you. The matchmaking assistant learns preferences with a few basic questions and delivers leads in real time. 


Say goodbye to business cards and hello to QR codes 

QR Code Lead Scanning


As you make your way throughout the event space, scan any connection’s QR code in the event’s mobile app and receive their information (just like exchanging a business card). However, this time you will have instant access to advanced features like AI-powered â€śHot Lead” recommendations and an integrated communication suite.   



  • Use the “Hot Lead” recommendations to cut through non-viable contacts 
  • Access the mobile app communication suite to keep track of any conversations and schedule one-on-one  


Rate the leads that matter most to you 

Rate leadsKeep track of promising conversations and hot leads in the palm of your hand. No more memorization games as you shuffle through business cards and scribbled notes. Leverage smart matchmaking to discover relevant leads in real time. Rate a lead and receive personalized recommendations instantly.  


  • Prioritize hot leads and take notes as-it-happens 
  • Create unlimited survey questions to qualify and learn more about your leads during and after your event 


Organized leads are happy leads 

Our integrated communication suite is built to save you time. Broadcast live audio, send follow-up emails and texts, calendar invites, and files to leads and prospects. Stay in communication with your team and leads in one, simple interface. Available in a virtual or mobile setting.  


  • Alert your sales team when a lead is hot 
  • View communication actions in a single menu 
  • Track all leads with an at-a-glance dashboard 


Data That Keeps Up with You 

Access leads

Access the information you want, when you want it. All lead data updates instantly, syncing your leads, notes, and reliable data in real time.  


  • Make updates on the go 
  • Lead information is available in real time 
  • Access it on the MeetingPlay app 


Find your ideal leads, in-person or online. Experience the next generation lead retrieval system powered by MeetingPlay. Demo now to see more. 

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