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Blair Pettrey

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Marhaba. Namaste. Hola. Bonjour. Guten Tag. Salaam. Ahn-Young-Ha-Se-Yo. Sain Bainuu. Jambo. Nay Hoh. Hello. From everyone at MeetingPlay in Maryland, United States - we greet each and every event professional (and all individuals) with a welcome greeting.

As an event technology company - we often get carried away with the world of mobile event apps, registration systems and websites, and wayfinding solutions for our many event professional customers. Each and every Friday we make sure to 'showcase' a MeetingPlay employee in our 'Meeting, MeetingPlay' series. 

This series of posts shows the diverse, unique and amazing background that together creates what MeetingPlay can produce, execute, and be. Because together, as a diverse group of individuals working together, we can create real success.

Recently, "Marriott on the Move" - a blog shared by Bill Marriott, the executive chairman of Marriott Hotels & Resorts and the founder of Marriott International (as well as several other amazing technology companies and various industry professionals including Air BNB, Amazon,, Etsy, Facebook, Google, Lyft, Uber, Pinterest, Salesforce, Shutterstock, Twitter, Stripe, Yelp, Meetup, Netflix, Adobe Systems, Evernote, Pandora Media, Tesla, TripAdvisor, Zendesk, and many many more...), uplifted their voices to show support for inclusion, diversity, and acceptance.

MeetingPlay shares our support for inclusion, acceptance, and welcoming of all.

Our neighbors, our friends, our clients and our co-workers come from various places, backgrounds, locations, faiths, genders, identities, orientations, and experiences. 

Together, our unique differences, abilities, identities and beliefs create success.

If each and every employee at MeetingPlay felt, thought, and saw things the same way - our company would not be the real success we have grown to be. As we continue to grow, we continue to be mindful of that as well.

From MeetingPlay to all - event professionals, meeting planners, businessmen and women, students, foreigners, political leaders, politicians and every degree of the spectrum of one's progression in life - we want to share this message with you.

We are an open, inclusive, and diverse group of individuals. We believe in the power of difference, and the incredible opportunities, talents, and experiences that come from supporting and welcoming people from all walks, all lands, and all backgrounds.