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Safe Arrival Experiences with MeetingPlay Hybrid


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All event professionals know that the event begins long before the first session starts. From the initial planning phases, the registration processes, and the confirmation emails, the event is more than a speaker on a stage (whether that’s virtual or in-person). Before COVID-19 swept the globe, it was normal for attendees to walk up to the registration table, grab their badge and program, and then begin their on-site event experience. Now, precautions are at an all time high and keeping attendee trust should be at the top of list.

Your attendees’ safety matters, and MeetingPlay’s seat selection options and Fast Pass Check-in features with facial recognition kiosks allow for a seamless and safe arrival experience.


Reserved Seat Selection

Meetingplay Seat Selector

Built for a hybrid conference with Marriott in November of 2020, seat selection has grown over the last year. It began as a way to help keep attendees safe in an unpredictable time - giving attendees more control over an environment they may not feel safe in. Now, it's all of those experiences, plus convenient and a little fun, too!

Reserved seat selection proves that everyone's definition of safe is different, and therefore, your attendees should be able to select their own seat based on their comfort levels, their viewing preferences, and their agenda options. 

During registration, an overview of the event space will be shown, complete with walkway mapping to determine flow of traffic, which seats have been chosen, and which are open. Select the seat that fits your needs, save, and continue through the process! From here you can also take a look at cleaning protocols, how social distancing (if applicable) will be handled, and how food and beverage has been redesigned with a safe, inclusive environment in mind for your hybrid event.


Fast-Pass Registration & Check-In

Close Up QR Code FIN

Facilitate expedited, touch-free check-in and traffic control with our mobile app and facial recognition kiosks, equipped with temperature check assist. 


Slant Fast PassWhen you login to the accompanying mobile app for your event, a custom QR code will be sent directly to your phone. This QR code can be scanned, allowing for a touch-free, COVID-friendly entry. Not only does this streamline traffic, but it keeps the attendee in control. There is no longer a need to search for a pesky email in the midst of check-in, nor is it necessary to pick up an easy-to-lose agenda. 


Thermal ScannerFacial recognition at check-in and self-service kiosks add to the over-arching theme of building trust and keeping attendees safe. With facial recognition, simply check in with a unique QR code and the camera will scan the attendee, take a temperature check (if applicable) and then print out their badge right then and there. After this, the event awaits and your attendee is free to network, watch, and learn! 

Take a look at how Marriott International's Connect with Confidence Labs are taking hybrid to a new level.

Do you have any questions about our fast-pass check-in and safe arrival experiences? We're waiting to take you on a tour of our event platform and determine what's best for your hybrid event.

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