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    MeetingPlay Event App Ease of Use

    When meeting and event planners are seeking a mobile event app, one of the first questions they have is, “Will it be hard for us to set up?”. 

    This question usually culminates into a series of questions to which the event planner is seeking answers. We at MeetingPlay thought we would share our answers here:

    1) How much time will the event planning team have to devote to the development of a mobile event app?

    The answer varies depending on the amount of mobile event app support a client may choose to have.

    At MeetingPlay, we are all about premier, truly white glove service. This means we provide each client with the option of a dedicated Account Manager. This elite service reduces the amount of time and work that the event planner needs to put in.

    MeetingPlay also offers a “do-it-together” solution, which means less support from the Account Manager, and more is required from the event professional.

    With the “do-it-together” approach, while the expense may be lower, event planners are burdened with more of the workload, meaning more hours required of the event planner and team. However, Account Managers at MeetingPlay continue to provide guidance and support to their clients, as we are committed to never leaving clients without assistance.

    2)  What type of things will the event planner have to do or provide to develop the event app?

    Whether the event planner chooses to take on more of the workload or have an Account Manager be responsible, some things must be provided to MeetingPlay from the event planner.

    The content an event planner must provide includes things like colors and brand guidelines, general information about the meeting, speaker bios and headshots, session tracks and agenda details, push notification copy, an attendee list or integration with the event’s registration system, and sponsor information (however, your dedicated Account Manager can help guide you through each of these and more).

    The major difference in levels of support is whether the event professional is the one who inserts and implements this information into the mobile event app “back-end” or if a dedicated Account Manager is entering the content.

     Which brings us to …

    3) How difficult is it for event professionals to navigate and use the MeetingPlay mobile event app back-end?

    MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps have a robust back-end; however, the experience for the user is intuitive.

    If an event professional has ever utilized a CMS (content management system), MeetingPlay’s CMS will be a breeze, but any slightly tech-experienced person who has even utilized an office suite or email should find MeetingPlay’s CMS easy to use.

    Additionally, MeetingPlay’s Account Managers educate each of their clients on how to utilize the back-end. These webinars can be recorded so that event professionals can go back and review if needed. And as always, our Account Managers are only a phone call or email away!

    On the flipside - one of the next questions event planners often ask MeetingPlay is…

    4) How hard is the mobile event app for front-end users?

    This question we so often hear from event professionals usually means “how difficult is the MeetingPlay app for attendees to use and navigate?”.

    One of the (many) reasons MeetingPlay clients achieve higher than industry average app adoption rates is because of the attendee experience.

    MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps are customized specifically to meet the needs and goals of each event. This starts with the initial attendee log-in experience.

    Whether an event is full of tech savvy guru’s or new to holding a smart device - MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps are intuitive and offer opportunities and features that can assist along the way (including one of our newest features, Chatbots, which can help attendees find the information they want at the touch of a button!) with the commitment of bringing attendees the best experience and event planners the best value.


    Whether meeting and event planners choose to take on most of the work or they would rather pass it a dedicated Account Manager, MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps are created with optimized, intuitive front-end and back-end user experiences.

    Learn more about MeetingPlay’s custom experiences and how our event apps can help your next event by dropping us a line or requesting a demo now.

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