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4 Common Mobile App Questions, Answered


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After an initial event app brainstorm session, planners often find their heads swirling with questions. How long will it take to build the app? Will it be difficult to set up? If you’re wary of getting bogged down with a clunky app that will only cause problems, let’s walk through some common questions about using our app and put your mind at ease.

1. How much time will I have to devote to developing the app?

Your time is valuable, and managing your time is key for planning a successful event. The time you dedicate to developing your event app will vary depending on the support option you choose. At MeetingPlay, we offer two options: a hands-on, dedicated account manager or a “do-it-together” approach.Mobile Event App Development Time

No matter your decision, our account managers will provide guidance and support. You will never feel that you are without assistance. However, with a dedicated account manager, you can expect us to take on more of the leg work, implementing your information into the back-end of the app. The “do-it-together” option will require you to enter your content on the back-end (see more on this below). You can expect this second option to take more of your time; however, depending on your budget, this may be a better option for you.

Talk to us! We will get a feel for your needs and help you make the best selection to meet your goals, your timeline, and stay within budget.

2. What kind of prep work is required?

Regardless of the support option that you choose, the more information you can bring to our meeting, the better. While we’ll talk you through every step of the way, we suggest having the following details fleshed out:

  • Brand guidelines to get the design process started:

    • Colors

    • Fonts

    • Any existing branding dos and don’ts

  • General event information to give us an idea of content:

    • Goals

    • AgendaMobile Event App Design Process

    • Session tracks

    • Speaker bios and headshots

    • Desired push notification copy

    • Attendee list and/or integration with registration system

    • Sponsor information

3. How difficult will it be for me to use the back-end of my MeetingPlay app?

Rest assured: MeetingPlay apps offer very user-friendly, intuitive back-end navigation. If you’ve used standard email systems or an office suite, you’re ready to use our CMS (content management system).

Furthermore, our Account Managers are always a phone call or email away and are happy to help. We educate each of our clients on how best to utilize our system, and our tutorials can be recorded so that you can review them as needed.


4. How intuitive will the app be for front-end users?

It’s wise to keep your attendee experience top-of-mind. One of the many reasons that our clients enjoy a higher-than-industry-average app adoption rate is because of positive attendee experience.Easy to use Mobile Event App

MeetingPlay + Aventri’s mobile event apps are customized to meet the specific needs and goals of each event. This begins with the initial guest log-in experience. Whether your attendee is a tech guru or new to using a smartphone, our event apps are easy and intuitive to use. Plus, we include features that can assist along the way.

We look forward to working with you to create an effective, user-friendly experience for your attendees, while keeping the process simple for you, the planner. To learn more about MeetingPlay + Aventri’s custom experiences and how our event apps can help your next event, drop us a line or request a demo now.

One software powerhouse for all your meetings and events. MeetingPlay + Aventri: The Power of One. With both self-service and full-service options, your event ideas become attainable. Welcome to the industry’s most complete, full-service event software dedicated to helping you host unique, successful events that delight your audience and grow your business.

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