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MeetingPlay's Brand Evolution - What We've Learned


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Over the last few months, the team at MeetingPlay has been hard at work writing, honing colors, experimenting with webpages and design elements, and we’ve learned a few things in the process. We’re so excited to share it with you. Designed with our tech in mind, our new look features the beauty, innovation, and elevated experience we bring to our clients and their event guests.

Honoring the past. Looking to the future.

A brand means more than a logo, but that logo and font can change the way the brand speaks to its audience.  

While at the heart of the matter, a brand is a unique identifier for consumers to differentiate your brand from your competition. Your logo can be considered the public display of the organization’s heart. When a consumer sees your logo, it means your company (products, employees, color, website – the big picture).

“Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” - Jeff Bezos from Amazon

But, how does a logo encompass more than just colors and a font?

As an example, let’s introduce the new MeetingPlay brand:

MP New Logo 2021Our former logo (while still great!) no longer has the same heart. In the last ten years MeetingPlay has grown, and after COVID-19, changes were made across the world as companies pivoted in attempts to weather the widespread pandemic. MeetingPlay has grown from a mobile app and event technology partner to a leading provider of award-winning event technology through proprietary software for both virtual, live and hybrid events. Our custom platforms and un-matched service, the heart and the grit, all of the unique, creative ideas that our employees bring to the table – that’s what the new brand encompasses. We’re MeetingPlay – premier events play here. A technology company with soul and a playful mindset that gets the product built and leaves a lasting impression.

“It's been so exciting to see our brand evolve to emulate the premier attendee experiences and unmatched service that our customers know MeetingPlay for. I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of what comes next for us.” – Brandee, Director of Marketing at MeetingPlay

With the new brand, color, font, and design were extremely important. The iconic play button made the cut, but we turned it up a notch in design elements. Creativity thrives within MeetingPlay, and if you shift the triangle a bit to the left, the play button becomes an M. While not every logo has to have a hidden duality to it, we found this small aspect pretty cool on our end. The color change was also important. Gone is the light blue and white and here to stay is a warm punch of colors, blending purples with pinks and shades of green. Our company has depth, vision, so our brand identity now shows that.


Putting our client's brand first. 

MeetingPlay’s proprietary software has always been white labeled, and it will continue to showcase our client's brand. We love our brand and how we present ourselves, but because we do, we know our clients do, too.

Brandee, an integral part of the company rebranding process, was asked her thoughts.

“This has been an incredible journey for our company and has brought us closer together as a team. It's made me deeply appreciate the importance our customers place on showcasing their brand through our white labeled technology. Now having experienced the monumental effort and resources that go into a rebrand firsthand, I can relate wholeheartedly to how an event should be about our customer's brands and not ours.” 

White labeling (or private labeling) is when a company removes their own label from the end product and replaces it with the label of the purchaser's choosing

Creating your own products, especially in the digital space, costs time and money both from bug fixes to developer fees. When you use a product that allows for white-labeling, you have a team dedicated to this product in its ideation, creation, and execution, allowing you to have more time on the front end. 

When it comes to event technology the options seem endless currently, with new companies sprouting seemingly every week now. What these companies offer might not be what you're looking for, and some do not take into consideration how deeply personal a brand is and should be.

A company brand tells a story, just like its people do. At MeetingPlay, white-labeling event platforms is not removing our logo or our own identity, it is simply showcasing yours. Because it's your event. Because your clients want to see you, not us. Because the relationships you have with your clients are the same ones we have with ours. We value our client's individuality and voice, just as we value our employees opinions and ideas.

Welcome to MeetingPlay. Premier events play here. We can't wait to show you what else we have in store.

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