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Top 5 Bad Habits That Event Planners Need to Break


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Planning an event takes super powers! At least, that’s how it feels sometimes. When you’re juggling a lot at once, bad habits can form before you realize it. Whether you’re just kicking off your career and looking to put your best foot forward, or you’re a seasoned planner who knows there is always room for growth — these are the five habits event planners need to break (or avoid).

Taking on an unrealistic workload

Meeting Planner workloadChances are, you’re really good at your job. It’s easy to take on too many responsibilities because you have the foresight and experience to do it well. However, saying “yes” to everything that comes your way could lead to burnout. It’s important to delegate and to regularly evaluate your workload. If your plate is full and it’s unrealistic to add more, talk to your team. Encourage frequent communication and schedule quick status meetings/calls so that you remain conscious of your workload.

Assigning the wrong people for the job

Social media is an important part of every event. However, you can probably see how assigning your social media marketing to your operations coordinator isn’t the best idea. As you start fleshing out your to-do list, assess the skills of your team. What are each of your team members strengths? In which areas are they less experienced? Pay attention to how team members handle different tasks, and make assignments based on a realistic assessment of their strengths, not wishful thinking. 

Staying in the pre-digital age

Event Technology Pre-Digital AgeWe’ve written a lot about how mobile event apps and other event tech are crucial to modern events. Marketing materials, checking guests in, serving up agendas, networking, and even your own planning and tracking documents can and should be done in the digital world. Printing marketing materials, checking in via clipboards, carrying around massive planner binders — they are all a thing of the past. Working the old fashioned way might be comfortable for some, but it creates a lot of wasted paper, time, energy and money. Take advantage of technology and create the most efficient and engaging experience. 

Inefficient work style

This one might be hard to swallow but it’s important to monitor your multitasking, including your email behavior. Did you know that when we’re “multitasking” our brains are actually switching back and forth between single tasks? Refocusing everytime you switch takes more time than you probably realize and also creates a lesser quality of work. Working on a project and stopping to read or respond to each email as it comes through your inbox is a perfect example of this. Instead, dedicate specific blocks of time for email and focus on one task at a time. 

Misallocating budget

Meeting and Event Budget

Managing a budget is challenging. A high price tag for a speaker or new technology might have you running for the hills, but some things are worth more investment. Make budget decisions carefully, and think about things in terms of investments, not only expenditures. Get in the practice of imagining potential downsides of the cheaper route. For example, a venue that is much less expensive, but doesn’t have the right layout for your activities and number of guests, could create a physical inconvenience that could create low morale and put a damper your attendees’ experience. The more well-suited venue is probably worth the cost. 

How Can MeetingPlay help?

Have you fallen into any of these habits? It okay! We all form bad habits sometimes, and need to change bad habits into best practices. And remember, when it comes to assigning the right people to the right tasks, we’ve got you covered on the account management front! If you want to learn more about how we can help manage your event app technology, drop us a line or request a demo!

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