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Meeting MeetingPlay's #EventProfs: Meet Brodie

Blair Pettrey

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Each Friday, we shine the spotlight on MeetingPlay's very own team of talent. We showcase the handwork that helps develop, code, design, and work with event professionals every step of the way. Each face is a representative of the hard work and dedication that goes into creating, executing, selling, developing, marketing and everything else that is required to make successful mobile event apps and engaging events.

This week we are featuring MeetingPlay's very own "Brodie". Meet Brodie:

Editor’s note: Brodie couldn’t quite answer for himself, so these are paws down translated to the best of our abilities and guesses.

Brodie the dog1.What was your first job? Tell us about it:

My first, paid (in dog biscuits) gig was being "the animal protector of the jungle" (aka my fur parents abode).  Once 'the baby' came, which they mistakenly think is their's, they realized quickly that I took my job as "the animal protector" very seriously.

The proof is in the paw-ding they say:

Brodie the dog watching over baby

Brodie the dog taking a nap with a baby

2. Who has influenced you most in your professional path/career?

I look up to Duke, the 3x elected mayor of a Minnesota town. While I don't live in Minnesota, and I have yet to announce my paws into the world of paw-litics, Duke has always been a great example that if you put your paw to it - you can do it! 

I'd also like to say, my humans - because they care so much about me, and have taught me lots of important things - like eating healthy and staying active. (I haven't quite mastered lifting 600 lbs like my human dad can though...).

3. What’s your favorite part about working in the event technology industry?

In-between testing mobile event apps and meeting apps for my humans here at MeetingPlay (I especially love testing the event apps that have gamification, because sometimes there are squirrel games... and I am really good at chasing squirrels!), well there's just so much I love about the event tech industry. But I think my favorite is the attention from my coworkers... Not to brag, but I am pretty paw-tasticlly famous around the events industry. 🐶🍺

4. What career advice would you tell your 18-year-old self, looking back?

While I am only 4, I suppose that makes me 33 in dog years. So about a year ago, I would have had not as much experience in the MeetingPlay or event tech world. I probably would have told myself to brush up on my adorableness skills - so that more treats and pets came my way. Competing with that 'other MeetingPlay dog' is no easy feat - but I'm pretty sure I'm winning

I'd also do some more squirrel chasing - to prepare for becoming 'the animal protector' of my baby (aka the baby my human parents think is there's

5. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

I really like to go on walks with my human mom, protect and kiss my baby brother, and play with my human dad... or really anyone for that matter.

When my humans get home and walk into the house, I like to greet them by bringing them every toy I can find. And then chase them to the couch to take my nap. I also love to eat, especially my favorites: carrots, green beans, ice cubes and milkbones!

We love our MeetingPlay animals - and Brodie is no exception! 

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