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Meeting MeetingPlays' #EventProfs: Carl W.

Blair Pettrey

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At MeetingPlay, we work with a multitude of event professionals every single day – both within our company, and within our clients that we work with and for. What goes into building a successful event – takes an army – and even with a mobile event app is no exception

Whether it’s helping our clients generate event engagement with custom event gamification options, providing resources to help our clients find and generate valuable event app sponsorship, or making sure our clients have an event app that is truly integrative, customizable and so WOW that the app adoption rate is worthwhile – MeetingPlay does it all.

The ‘do it all’ taskforce though is far beyond what most of our MeetingPlay event app clients even realize – which is why we feature our valuable team members every Friday. These team members are the faces behind the hard work that goes into creating, executing, selling, developing, marketing and everything else it takes to create the best mobile event app experience for our clients.

This week we are featuring MeetingPlay’s Chief Technology Officer, Carl W. Meet Carl:

Carl Williams, MeetingPlay’s Chief Technology Officer

1. What was your first job – tell us about it.

 I started working for my dad’s retail auto parts store when I was 12 (maybe even sooner, but that’s the earliest I remember).  It was called Carl’s Auto Supply, named after my dad, not me, and is still running today with my dad and youngest brother.  I remember he used to pay me just to sweep and dust and take out the trash when I started “working".  I ended up working there all through high school and during the summers home from college the first couple of years.  It it has always been very handy to be able to get free auto parts and car advice.

 2. Who has influenced you most in your professional path/career?

 My first IT manager was probably the biggest influence in my professional career.  I was doing a bit of a career change moving out of the music industry and into the IT world, and he not only gave me a chance to learn and hone my IT skills on the job, but he saw my potential and began to coach my management skills as well.  He helped me to see my own potential and build practical steps to getting to where I wanted to be.  He has even continued to coach me over the years as I have gone through my career progression and changes.

 3. What’s your favorite part about working in the event technology (or events) industry?

 I love the fast pace nature of the business.  I know I will never be bored in this environment and love solving the problems and challenges, and being able to see the fruit (and the failures) of your work in a short time so you can learn from that experience and apply it to the next one.  I also being able to enable people and organizations to do things that they were not able to do before.

 4. What career advice would you tell your 18-year-old self, looking back?

 I feel very fortunate that the advice I would give myself is the same advice that was given to me when I was 18.  Follow your passions and never stop learning.  Those times when I look back and see that I was not following my passions are the times that I felt stagnant and like I wasn't learning anything or growing.  When you are doing what you love, the learning part comes naturally, and makes you even better at what you do and who you are.

 5. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

 My hobby tends to be just having different hobbies.  I love to learn how things work and apply that knowledge.  My wife will tell you that I have many hobbies, or that at least I always have a new one.  I often get into a hobby, learn about it veraciously, build something with it or conquer a feat, and then move on to the next hobby.  My hobbies have included sound engineering, RC model airplanes, photography, scuba diving, smelting and metal working, woodworking, many different cars through the years and games of all sort.  I also really enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters traveling and eating somewhere new in the world.


Carl provides a wealth of value and knowledge to the MeetingPlay team and we are grateful to have him aboard!  

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