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    How to Provide an Immersive, Personalized Attendee Experience

    Marriott has a reputation of creating the best possible experience for their guests. One big reason: they're always on the cutting edge of tech. At MeetingPlay, we love partnering with Marriott because they bring forward new trends — and they do so with a clear purpose.

    Marriott’s annual Corporate Partnership Conference is always heavily themed, and this year was no different. The theme, "Find Your True North," encouraged a personal journey on finding your purpose — what keeps each of us grounded and centered. This phrase, paired with the Gaylord Rockies location, inspired nature and adventure-focused branding. 

    Together, MeetingPlay and Marriott brought the idea to life in a big way, with everything from highly-advanced registration kiosks to name badges and more. Let’s walk through the event to see how MeetingPlay’s event technology and expertise were able to transform the attendee experience. 

    MeetingPlay CPC Registration Experience
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    Onsite Event check in

    Most exciting to attendees was the futuristic, onsite event check in process. Six-foot interactive kiosks with gorgeous video displays, striking audio tracks and touch screens greeted each guest, with the option of using facial recognition check in. An efficient process clocking in at 20 seconds, attendees were in awe of the ease and playfulness — a far cry from the more dated and cumbersome, verbal back-and-forth that often happens at event check in booths or no-frills laptop stations. 

    The kiosk experience was highly personalized, designed to be almost like walking down a nature trail. Attendees were asked to select an “adventure type” and had the opportunity to answer this question in advance, via the mobile app or in-person once they arrived to the kiosk. As guests checked in, the screens morphed to display their name as well as special images and sounds that corresponded to their selected adventure. For example, if you selected "rock climbing,” you were presented with a video of a rock climber and sounds of wind and eagles. Giving attendees a tailored and engaging onsite event check in process was the perfect start to their adventure ahead. 

    Marriott Case Study CPC 2019

    Event badges

    Name badges were given the same personalized treatment. Based on the selected adventure, badges had a unique style, graphic and color that represented each guest. These compelling badges made for easy conversation starters. For example, if a guest recognized their same “Adrenaline Junkie” badge on a peer, it sparked an instant and exciting connection. The personalized badges helped to create an immersive environment that captured the ‘True North’ theme. 

    Pre-event site design

    Of course, our own journey started before the big day. MeetingPlay developed a pre-event website as well as a vivid and engaging mobile app using a compass graphic to represent “finding north.” All elements supported the theme with rugged fonts and nature photography. Users were taken on an adventure as they navigated the site and app. 

    In-app bonuses

    Marriott Immersive Event Case Study Event AppMeetingPlay offered two new and unique features in Marriott’s CPC mobile app: Event Protector and SmartFeed. 

    Event Protector

    Event security is top of mind for many planners and this tool allows meeting planners to manage through worst-case or any-case scenarios.

    • See something, say something where attendees can alert suspicious activities.
    • Meeting planners can push out live updates. When doing so, all other activity is frozen to ensure this is the only message shown.
    • Attendees can mark themselves as safe and communicate with administrators in real time. 

    The hope is that as a planner, you won’t ever need to use this feature but that knowing it’s available will enable you to operate with ease and peace of mind. 


    MeetingPlay’s SmartFeed turned the event social wall into a tool that provides updates attendees want, when they want them. The idea behind this tool is to answer your attendee’s questions before they’re asked. We take some of the most commonly asked questions, for example: “What’s the wifi passcode?” and serve that up in the feed as guests check in. For the Marriott event, we saw a 40% lift in traffic to the general information page, as a result of the prompts we gave. 

    Amazing attendee feedback

    Attendees of the Marriott Corporate Partnership Conference offered positive feedback on the experience and the “Find Your True North” theme. Guests especially loved the onsite facial recognition check in.

    "I loved the facial recognition and the entire registration process. It was quick, seamless and very efficient. Excellent work by MeetingPlay!" says Will Bates, Manager, GP Events.

    “The check in process was great.  The facial recognition portion was really new and different and worked great.  I loved being recognized by name, seeing images and hearing sounds that related to my own adventure. As usual, the mobile app worked like a charm.  I still have it on my phone and refer to it for contact info on people I met there.” shared Jan Meyer, Corporate Events Manager, Graybar.

    "Many of our guests hadn't seen this technology before, and interacting first-hand made a strong impression. Their experience was truly one-of-a-kind, personalized and immersive. By using this cutting-edge technology, MeetingPlay allowed us to surpass our event goals," says Michael Clarke, Director, B2B Marketing & Events for Marriott. 

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