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Event Planner's Guide - Managing Your Activity Feed and Social Wall


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Are you intimidated by the idea of using an activity feed at your next event? Do you have questions about how to manage the content and ensure everyone enjoys their event experience?

MeetingPlay has seen it all. We’ve worked with global clients across a variety of industries, and have experienced which social media processes work, and which ones don’t.  Now we want to use our experience to alleviate your concerns about incorporating an activity feed and social wall into your mobile event app.

Below are some of the best practices you can use at your next event:

Monitor Your FeedsEvent Planner's Guide: Feed MonitoringA lot is riding on the success of your event. Your attendees, vendors, and sponsors are counting on you to deliver an exceptional event without a hiccup. While activity feeds are an integral part of an extraordinary attendee experience, you need to monitor your feeds to make sure the content your app users are posting is appropriate for your event. It sounds like a lot to handle, but the next tip will help you manage the workload.

Assign a Moderator – You can’t do everything on our own. Your hands are full on the day of your event, so it would be impossible for you to watch your feed all day. We recommend assigning a moderator to monitor and manage your content feed to keep it clean, while you take care of everything else on your plate. Administrators can edit and delete inappropriate posts quickly and easily in the back-end admin system.

Let the Information Flow – It may be tempting to pre-approve the content your app users post to your feed. But in our experience, delaying posts and the flow of content can diminish the impact of your feed, as well as aggravate your attendees. Problems rarely arise, so assign a moderator to watch for issues, and let the content flow.

Establish Posting Guidelines For Your Event – As with any social group with community posts, it’s a good idea to establish posting guidelines for the feed ahead of time. Before the day of your event, inform your attendees that you will have an activity feed as part of your mobile event app. Early communication will help you provide information related to the hashtag you select and generate excitement for your event. At the same time, you can use this opportunity to establish ground rules and posting etiquette for your attendees.

Have Fun and Set the Tone – Early on, you can set the tone for the type of posts you want to see on your social wall. Allow vendors and sponsors to post content before attendees arrive. Set an example for your event app users with your own content. But most importantly, encourage your attendees to have fun and share their amazing experiences. You’re less likely to encounter negative content when everyone is engaged and enjoying everything your event has to offer.

Display Your Social Wall - Once you have your activity feed in place, you can display it in real time using monitors at your event. Showcase your agenda items, sponsors, attendee discussions, and featured speakers for everyone to see. For simple setup, you can use the AV equipment already on location at your venue or utilize rented equipment. If you’re looking for a more impactful presentation, MeetingPlay can help you customize advanced options to wow your attendees and business partners.

Event Social Wall Display

Share your content. Put your social wall on display so everyone can see your entertaining activity feed and event features.

Adding an awe-inspiring activity feed and social wall to your event doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can manage the content your app users post while allowing a free exchange of information and ideas. Your attendees and vendors will love the interaction, and you will benefit from the publicity and feedback.

Reach out to us so we can put our experience to work for your next event.


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