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Keeping Attendee Engagement High Throughout Your Event

Blair Pettrey

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You spent months setting up your big event. On day one the atmosphere is electric. Your attendees are engaged and eager to soak up all the information available to them. Your vendors and speakers absorb energy from the enthusiastic crowds.

And then something happens.

The mood changes. The novelty of your event dies down after the first day. Your attendees become distracted with work and family responsibilities. Disinterested crowds underwhelm your speakers and exhibitors. The energy is gone. What happened?

Unfortunately, this is all too common. It’s hard to keep hundreds or thousands of event attendees engaged over the span of several days.

Until now.

MeetingPlay offers unique attendee engagement features to enhance your event when you use our mobile app.

Here are six ways we keep your attendees excited and asking for more:

  1. Connecting

With MeetingPlay, attendees can create unique profiles and connect with every aspect of your event. Everyone attending your event will have a more personalized and meaningful experience, which leads to higher levels of engagement and satisfaction.

  1. Matchmaking

Take connecting to the next level with MeetingPlay’s matchmaking feature. When attendees are wearing iBeacon technology, alerts inform attendees of potential networking matches nearby. Connections are based on shared interests, titles, affiliations, or custom input from the event planner. Your event engagement will skyrocket while attendees make valuable connections with peers and other industry experts.

  1. Personalized Experience

MeetingPlay enhances your attendees’ experience by housing all your event information, like maps, presentations and schedules. But it also does more. MeetingPlay learns your guests’ preferences. Your attendees will feel like your event was designed just for them. Our app creates a customized home screen based on their activities and browsing habits. They can also set up appointments with other attendees and vendors to personalize their schedule.

  1. Social Integration

Nothing keeps your attendees engaged more than social sharing. MeetingPlay makes it easy for your event guests to share their experiences, connect with friends, and promote your event. Attendees can link to their social media profiles to post directly from their mobile event app. Multiply your event engagement and audience reach with our unique social integration features.

  1. Gamification

Time flies and your engagement soars when everyone’s having fun. Ramp up your attendees’ competitive side with MeetingPlay’s gamification features. Your event guests can earn points, win prizes, and engage deeply with other attendees and event attractions. They’ll beg to stay another day after they get their hands on this entertaining feature.

  1. Audience Response System

Would you like to increase your audience engagement while also improving the quality of your event? With MeetingPlay’s Audience Response System, you can. Attendees can respond to live polls, answer quizzes, and direct questions to speakers through our app. Your guests will feel more involved, and you’ll receive valuable feedback on your event.


Don’t let the energy of your event crash. You worked hard to create an exceptional attendee experience; now maximize the impact.  Also, here's a comprehensive guide to event engagement to help plan your next event.

Learn more about MeetingPlay's mobile event apps, voting systems, and other live event engagement solutions we can provide for your next event!


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