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Is Your Registration Software up to Par? 10 Things to Look For


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Whatever your company's size or industry, hosting an event can be an excellent way to interact with your audience, boost engagement and improve brand loyalty. As an event planner, you realize that more goes into a successful event than simply meeting attendee registration goals. A successful event can also function as a marketing tool and build valuable networking connections, improving your company's return on investment (ROI) and securing loyalty to your brand.

Whether your company's goal is to generate new leads, provide educational opportunities or simply boost brand awareness, you need a registration software solution that provides a superior user experience and delivers data to enable more powerful networking.


What Is Event Registration Software?

Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, events need careful planning and advanced coordination to ensure functions run smoothly. Many events require attendees to register to track attendance, collect data and actively engage guests at every stage of the event journey. Event registration software is a one-stop technology platform designed to help event planners and organizers reach these goals through effective registration management.

Event registration software can make event planning simpler and provide valuable insights. Through automated tracking, registration software can also relieve planners' workload before and after the event. Using this technology can also improve your event by encouraging attendee engagement and streamlining the registration and feedback-gathering processes, so guests can focus on being present and connecting with others.


What Are the Benefits of Event Registration Software?

Taking the extra steps to plan an outstanding event can yield incredible benefits and differentiate between a mundane experience and one that attendees will remember for years. Investing in event registration software is one way to improve your next event considerably. With a mobile event app, you can:

  • Plan a better event: When you know how many attendees you'll have, you can better coordinate seating, souvenirs, thank-you gifts, food and beverage preparations and other arrangements. Collecting attendee data also provides insights into attendee behaviors.
  • Access quality data reporting: A mobile event app can display key performance indicators (KPIs), like the total number of tickets sold, which dates were the most popular and how often discount codes were used.
  • Make adjustments for the future: Reviewing your event's data shows which decisions worked and which didn't, so you can adjust to make the next event even better.
  • Help attendees enjoy the event: Streamlined registration and data-collecting ensure that attendees feel listened to and their needs addressed, giving you a better shot at wowing your guests.


These benefits of online registration software can encourage continuous engagement with your audience, boost revenue and increase connections.


How to Pick the Right Event Registration Software for Your Next Virtual/Hybrid Event

When deciding how to pick event registration software, first consider your audience's needs. Meeting your attendees' needs motivates them before the event and keeps them engaged throughout the year. You also need to consider your company's needs, since the data that is most valuable to you will determine how you make decisions.

If you are looking for a new registration software, consider these 10 essential characteristics of the best event registration software:

1. A Focus on Attendee Experience

The attendee experience is of paramount importance to your event's success. Offering your guests a meaningful and enriching experience shows you value them and their preferences. A mobile event app provides many solutions for ensuring attendees have the most enjoyable experience, including:


  • Tailored questions at checkout to improve the event experience
  • Easily available discounts, incentives and upgrades
  • Live engagement tools to capture your audience's attention


2. Seamless Information Flow

To create an exceptional attendee experience, you need a steady flow of information at your fingertips. With robust event registration software, you can capture the attendee data you need to execute a successful event through customizable checkout forms.

Registration software for events should also provide event planners with a smooth interface. For example, planners need versatile ticketing categories to give attendees options for registration. Ideally, attendee profiles and ticket types will flow into the same platform, creating a smooth event journey from registration to attendance.


3. Integration With Your Event Management Platform

One of the best tips for choosing registration software is to find a solution that can integrate with your event management platform. Smooth integration of all your event tools can help save energy and time while you build and execute your events.

MeetingPlay + Aventri's powerful event management platform unifies the event management experience. With this end-to-end solution, planners can offer attendees and sponsors control over their event experience and exhibitions. Our API-enhanced platform integrates with hundreds of event providers, so you can manage your partners and data with ease.



4. Easy Check-In

Pre-registration can take the hassle and wait times out of check-in, giving your attendees faster access to all your event has to offer. With fast-track check-in through online event registration, you can provide a touch-free check-in experience. Attendees simply confirm their identity and registration information at a kiosk, print their badge and continue to their next session.

A registration fast-pass includes an attendee's data in a unique QR code, which they can scan upon arrival. In addition, attendees can edit and print badges with the press of a button. Scanning another guest's badge unlocks contact information and other data, making networking more efficient.


5. Data Tracking and Insights

With real-time data tracking, event planners are empowered to make informed decisions about their events. Registration software can help you collect information before your event begins and track data during and after it, too. You can examine ticket sales volume, attendee characteristics and session popularity. You can also send out live questions and polls during the event and use post-event surveys to track audience receptivity and interest.


6. Robust Ticketing Solutions

Attendees expect versatile ticketing solutions tailored to their needs. Offering discounts and other upgrades for certain attendance packages could help increase your event attendance and guest satisfaction.

To keep track of every ticket category and price, you need event registration software that fully incorporates your essential ticketing solutions. A straightforward registration tool can give attendees multiple ticket options during checkout and compare their popularity.


7. Branded Registration Support

Your registration software should provide branded customization to increase brand loyalty. With MeetingPlay + Aventri's event registration solution, you can create a branded registration page that displays your event's important details. By providing attendees with clear and accessible event information, you showcase all your event can offer — and increase the excitement leading up to the first day of your event. You also build trust in the value you promise to provide.

8. Automated Attendee Follow-Up

When choosing online event registration software, look for a solution that offers attendee follow-up at multiple stages in the event journey. An automated push notification or email can remind a guest to finish registering, confirm their ticket purchase and provide other event information. You can also let attendees set up event reminders and notifications of discounts, helping avoid audience attrition.

9. Customization Opportunities

Picking customizable software is one of the best event registration software tips. A customizable checkout form can provide event planners with information to orchestrate a successful event. From asking attendees about their food preferences and job titles to how they heard about your event, including customized questions in your registration process can ensure that you receive the data you need. You can utilize MeetingPlay + Aventri's event management platform to fully customize your dashboard and reports so you can transform an attendee's experience.



10. Satisfaction for Sponsors

Through a mobile event app, you can generate a virtual exhibition hall for your virtual or hybrid conference so attendees can access sponsor information at any time. Sponsors can set up appointment times with attendees, display their company profiles and contact information, provide discounts and upload promotional material. Delight sponsors and increase their ROI with branded sponsor pages, AI-powered lead retrieval and advanced analytics.


Contact MeetingPlay + Aventri for Registration Software for Events

When choosing online event registration software, it is essential to consider your audience's needs and expectations to provide an exceptional experience. Examine a software's data collection, check-in and follow-up capabilities to save valuable time. Customizable software is helpful for your providing solutions for sponsors' and guests' unique needs.

MeetingPlay + Aventri provides the premier experience through our suite of event and meeting apps, using AI-driven technology to provide peace of mind to event planners and organize impactful events that reach your company's goals. Our solutions are fully-customizable and innovative, so you can enhance the attendee experience and increase your ROI. Schedule a demo today and see how our software can improve your next event.