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Introducing MeetingPlay’s “AutoPlay”

Blair Pettrey

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MeetingPlay has recently announced the latest feature that is now available within their premium mobile event app - AutoPlay.

What is AutoPlay?

AutoPlay is real time streaming of your event and presentation across any screen. Whether your event attendees are using mobile, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Android or a laptop – the presentation can be synced with their device in real time.

Why is this important?

Real time ‘AutoPlay’ – streaming across device platforms for attendees at your events is the answer to every back and forth that every event attendee knows of. Whether it’s not seeing the screen from where they are seated, or it’s the neck pain of having to look up and down between presentation and note taking – there is a multitude of reasons that MeetingPlay’s “AutoPlay” is essential for your next event.

Avoid the Disconnection 

 One of the biggest complaints any speaker ever faces is that they only have X amount of time to spend on every point. And the traction of interest on each different point that a speaker may have is different for every attendee. ‘AutoPlay’ allows event attendees to follow in real time where the speaker is – but to also focus their attention on any portion of the presentation that stands out to them the most, all while not losing the opportunity to see the entire presentation.

Seamless Real-Time Integration

Whether your event attendees are sitting front row and center, or 100 rows back – the presentation is live and interactive right from where they are. Eliminating the need for additional, often costly, large projection screens – AutoPlay helps event planners save money while helping event attendees engage and be part of the presentation in a more personal and eye level way.


There’s always room for engagement at events – and AutoPlay doesn’t fall short. With MeetingPlay’s AutoPlay – event attendees can see who else is viewing the presentation in real time. They can sync with those around them and ask questions, network and open a dialogue – all without disrupting the speaker, causing the commotion, or disturbing the audience.

Sponsorship Opportunity

AutoPlay allows additional opportunities for event professionals to expand sponsorship value and opportunity. From having a dedicated screen or logo that showcases who sponsored the AutoPlay real time presentation screening in your lap app, or whether it’s utilizing potential sponsorship splash screens before, during, or after a presentation – the opportunities to generate an ROI and increase sponsorship with AutoPlay are endless.

Real Time Analytics

AutoPlay isn’t just for the event attendees. With real-time analytics, you can see who is engaging within your AutoPlay presentation. Whether it’s utilizing the opportunity to relate to the concerns of your event audience, to encourage additional networking, or even problem solving – AutoPlay’s real-time analytics allow event planners and professionals to measure, track actively, and review the success of the AutoPlay feature.

Annotation - Coming Soon

 Coming soon and available within MeetingPlay's premium event app feature - AutoPlay - annotation.  Gone are the days of having to go back and forth between presentation and note taking - whether on paper or electronic devices. Event's that utilize MeetingPlay's AutoPlay feature will be able to offer event attendees a seamless, on screen approach to adding notes, comments, and annotations directly on their view of the presenter's presentation slides. 

 In Conclusion:

The opportunities and possibilities that open when events begin to utilize MeetingPlay’s real time presentation screening feature, AutoPlay – indeed become endless.

Learn more about MeetingPlay – the mobile event app – and AutoPlay – the real-time presentation feature across all platforms.

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