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Help Exhibitors and Sponsors Make the Most Out of Your Event with ExpoPRO


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 A large-scale event can be one of the only chances an exhibitor or sponsor has to get in front of their customers and reach new prospects. Whether virtual or in-person (or both!), getting your exhibitor ready for a tradeshow could be filled with hiccups. How can you properly streamline this process and make the experience of tradeshow exhibiting actually enjoyable? 

Easy - by using an exhibitor management software that does that hard work for you. 

Our goal with ExpoPRO is to provide event planners with the tools they need to complete a successful on-site, virtual, or hybrid event with their exhibitors and sponsors. As we’ve learned through the last two years with partners and coworkers now spread globally in a virtual environment, communication can be tough! By providing one event management platform that outlines tasks, due dates, progress reports, and allows for in-platform emailing, we can solve major pain points for event planners going forward with large-scale exhibitions.  

 ExpoPRO exhibitor portal


Timesaving vendor management

Event planners have complete control over adding companies and managing sponsorship tiers on the ExpoPRO central dashboard. Easily designate primary contacts within companies, distribute task lists, and set due dates to streamline asset collection and approval. 

Even better, once you set up your central dashboard, you can delegate the remaining tasks to your exhibitors. Your exhibitors then take items off your event planning plate with the ability to create new users and assign your all-important tasks to them.  

ExpoPRO sponsorship management software

For example, ExpoPRO was used for a large-scale exhibition in March of 2022. Once a sponsor was signed into the platform, they decided to delegate their tasks to two primary contacts. One primary contact assigned tasks to their internal graphic designer, copywriter, and account manager. While the other primary contact delivered progress reports, noting late, completed, and in-progress tasks. 

As a deadline is approaching, or if a task has yet to be completed, the event planner can easily set up email reminders and notifications to complete tasks before the due date. Automating this process makes task management a breeze. 


Fully integrated exhibitor management software

How does ExpoPRO work with you to provide everything you need to push your exhibitors to higher ROI? By eliminating bottlenecks and avoiding confusion.  

Your event tech partner might only accept one file type for videos on their virtual event technology platform. Eliminate the back and forth with your sponsor by only allowing them to upload the file type necessary and stating clearly in the asset collection description which file type is accepted (or rejected, and why). This creates transparency and trust between you and your sponsor and keeps all parties organized with appropriate tasks and reminders. If your exhibitor needs their videographer to provide a different file type, they can create a new task in-platform and track the progress up until completion.  

ExpoPRO exhibitor management magic link

Frequent meetings surrounding asset collection bog up your calendar and your inbox. With ExpoPRO, you’re no longer stuck in the back-to-back meeting whirlwind, and you can get back to what truly matters – continuing the planning process for a stellar event.   

Your sponsors can access the platform via login or a magic link, representatives manage company information and view all tasks that need to be completed and can easily check off tasks as they’re done in an easy-to-operate task management board. 


Inform, empower, and boost productivity 

ExpoPRO task listYour inbox is overflowing, your team chats are filled with everything from pet photos to necessary files, and your calendar is booked solid. ExpoPRO’s capabilities allow you to take a birds-eye-view of your task management to stay on track with all necessary items within reach, every time. 

Notifications built within the event management software’s exhibitor hub easily ping your exhibitors if they’re missing items, when you schedule items for them, and then remind them about the task as they’re due. In the exhibitor’s portal, you can easily track what’s completed and what isn’t, and get the necessary assets approved and sent to design on time, without any confusion.  


So, why ExpoPRO?

Task management is integral to a successful large-scale event. When using multiple platforms, job task boards, and email chains, it’s easy for items to get lost and deadlines to be missed. Project management can be inconsistent across departments and partners, and that doesn’t mean they do it wrong, it simply means it becomes more difficult to track when bringing 50+ exhibitors to one platform, one venue, or both, when discussing a hybrid event. And at the end of the day, your stakeholders want to maximize ROI.  

ExpoPRO large-scale event management software

ExpoPRO is the most innovative task management platform for event planners because it’s built with both exhibitor and event planner pain points in mind. This exhibitor management software is a solution for event planners to review, accept, and collaborate with their sponsors across organizations and departments. The software allows event professionals to create sponsorship tiers on an event-by-event basis and sets up tasks in a clear, informative manner, so teams, managers, and partners can understand what is expected of them for this large-scale event. Bridging communication gaps between event planners and their sponsors is extremely important and streamlines the entire event process. And then, the planner can turn around and show complete progress reports to their stakeholders to ensure all tasks are ready before the big day. 

Ready to give your exhibitors a better experience with the tools and resources they need to succeed? Take them to the next level with MeetingPlay + Aventri’s robust suite of event technology.  

Chat with us and find out how ExpoPRO works with you and your sponsors. 

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