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Intern Appreciation Day | MeetingPlay Interns

Blair Pettrey

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This summer at MeetingPlay we have been given the opportunity to work some amazingly talented, dedicated and hardworking interns. In honor of Intern Appreciation Day upcoming on July 9, we wanted to express our gratitude with our interns - to recognize and honor them.

"Our intern team has brought fresh eyes to our apps: their input has been valuable and given us a different perspective. They have pitched right in and gotten us through a number of projects that would have made for some very long days without their help!" - Lezlie R. 

"We LOVE our interns! They are content management heroes to the Account Management team- very thorough and we trust them to be our second pair of eyes." - Sarah M.

"The level of professionalism seen in our interns shows that each of them has a bright future ahead. I am thankful for the contributions they have provided to MeetingPlay." - Joe S.

"I have not been around that long but they seem to be so helpful and really great at design/following direction." - Eve S.

"Having the interns around this summer has been great. They're always willing to help, ask questions, and are open to learning new things! It's been great having the extra hands around." - Lauren P.

"The interns have been a terrific addition to the team! They have brought new ideas to help solve some lingering challenges and have delivered on projects that we previously did not have the bandwidth to tackle. The quality of work they provided, have helped us land new clients. Thank You!" - Rob B.

"The interns have hit the ground running and have helped with so much already this summer! They’re willing to go above the call of duty and have been testing, troubleshooting, designing, building and even installing on-site for AppAtlas! So thankful for their efforts, energy, enthusiasm!" - Lisa A.

"Having interns at MeetingPlay has been a HUGE lifesaver – as our company continues to grow, so does the workload. They have been a positive force for the team by continuously assisting wherever and whatever needs to be done!"Allie D.

"Having the talent and willingness to jump right into any task has been a huge asset. It's been great getting to work and know such a great group of hardworking individuals!" - Blair P.

"I enjoyed meeting all of you. Even though I didn't work directly with you, thank you for all the help. Thanks for the laughs." - Jason M.

"I've worked with Kathleen very closely for the last month managing most of her day to day tasks and helping her hone her design skills. It's safe to say that she is a huge asset to our design team. I no longer think of her as an intern offering a helping hand here and there but a real team player. She performs extremely well in a fast paced environment and her work is always top notch. We will miss her when she is gone but she has a very bright future ahead of her with tons of potential. Best of luck to you Kathleen!" - Spencer B.

"Having the interns have enabled MeetingPlay to see what the next generation of our players look like - and we couldn't be more pleased! The initiative and interest in helping and learning exhibited by this group have been such a great addition to our family. As you would imagine they are tech savvy and have been able to jump in on any project that comes their way. More importantly though is their work ethic, eagerness to learn new things and help in any way that they can. When your interns stay late to help bring a project to completion or work from home until 10 PM at night to get something done, you take a step back and know that this is a great group that has added extensive value to MeetingPlay. We are sad to see them go in the Fall, but can't wait until their breaks/next summer and even after that when they can come back to join us again." - Lisa V.

MeetingPlay 2017 interns - we have loved having your talent and personalities as part of the office every day. You have added great value to the success of MeetingPlay, our company culture, and the future of all events! Happy Intern Appreciation Day!

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