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Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry: How AppAtlas Indoor Mapping & Indoor Wayfinding is Doing Just That!

Blair Pettrey

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Venues of all types – conference centers, resorts, convention centers and large full-service hotels, though their sizes and direct purposes may vary, have similar goals. From generating revenue, attracting events, standing out from their competition and more, the list goes on and on. AppAtlas indoor wayfinding and indoor mapping solution can help all of these goals and more.

1. Standing Out from Competition

Whether it’s attempting to compete with the abounding amount of venues, hotels, or resorts in attracting events, guests, or attendees – it’s important that every venue has a unique selling proposition – i.e. what factor or consideration that your venue has is better or different from other venues.  

How Does AppAtlas’ Indoor Wayfinding & Indoor Mapping Solution Help Venues Stand Out from Competition?

Indoor mapping & indoor wayfinding are a revolutionary and new solution to a long-standing problem that large venues have faced since the beginning of time – directions. Often when a guest enters a large hotel, or an attendee a large conference or convention center – they are handed a paper map. Now and then, they may find a concierge representative if they get lost, but not only is that interaction all too rare, it also separates venue employees from other tasks.  By incorporating the AppAtlas solution at venues, the once dated, confusing and most importantly frustrating process of paper wayfinding through a venue is replaced with a turn by turn, the real-time app in the palm of one’s hands.

People use their mobile devices, tablets and GPS units every day to provide turn by turn directions from point A to point B when in their vehicle. AppAtlas’ has taken that same ease of access and ease of use solution that exists when driving – and through iBeacon technology, incorporated into large venues.  

No more wasted concierge time, no more frustrated venue attendees or guests and to every event planners delight – attendees can now easily navigate between sessions and meetings, no matter where they are located from each other. AppAtlas’ indoor mapping & hotel wayfinding app solution provides a delightful outcome for all.

2. Generating Revenue from Vendors

Similar to other mobile app solutions that are built for engagement and interaction, AppAtlas’ unique indoor wayfinding app and indoor mapping app solution provides multiple ways for venues to generate revenue.

How Does AppAtlas Indoor Wayfinding & Indoor Mapping Solution Help Venues Generate Revenue From In-House Vendors?

With the largest hotel, convention centers, conference centers and resorts having multiple in-house vendors.  It is important to include these vendors in your indoor wayfinding app. However, a venue can choose to offer additional opportunities for vendors to promote, market and attract venue guests to their locations.

  • Push Notifications - Push notifications can be sent to venue guests and attendees, regardless if they are currently engaging with the AppAtlas wayfinding app. Similar to a text message popping up on someone’s device screen, push notifications to act in the same way - ensuring multiple eyes seeing your vendors offer or promotion.

  • Rotating Banner Ads - Rotating banner ads is an options venue can allow their unique indoor wayfinding and indoor mapping app to have. Appearing at the bottom of the app, a small banner can occasionally rotate through several of your venues vendors offers or promotions. When a guest or attendee clicks on one of the rotating banner ads, the app can either allow them to be taking to another page within the app or taken to an external website landing page.

These ‘up-sell’ opportunities allow large venues to increase revenue from their vendors while allowing in-house vendors to enhance its revenue by marketing to guests and attendees and encouraging them to patronize on site.

In Conclusion

AppAtlas is pioneering how hotels, conference centers, resorts and other large venues solve guest and attendee spatial problems: Navigation no longer has to be a concern or timely investment. Printing budgets no longer have to be such an expense.  Venues have a unique opportunity to attract guests and events.

The best part, however, is these are just tip of the iceberg opportunities and solutions that AppAtlas helps offer the hospitality industry. Contact us to learn exactly how AppAtlas can help your venue or event with AppAtlas!