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How to Increase Survey Responses


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What is the most effective way to find out what your attendees are hoping for with your next event? How do you know how satisfied your guests were with your last event? What could be improved and what were the crowd favorites? You’re probably already aware that asking them directly, via surveys can be quite fruitful. Run through this check-list before blasting your questions, as to ensure the best survey response rates. 

1. Notify your attendees a survey is comingEvent Surveys

Whether it’s a verbal announcement during a session, included in your speaker presentation, a push notification through your event app or an email blast — let your attendees know to keep their eyes peeled. Inevitably, there will be some delayed replies, in which case we suggest sending reminders to those who’ve not yet answered. 

2. Timing is everything

Event SurveysConsider the timing of your surveys especially in regards to pre-event, real-time and post-event surveys. Pre-event survey questions should be sent with plenty of time for you to collect, review and incorporate feedback into the event. Real-time surveys should not interfere with event engagement and should aim to enhance the experience. Post-event surveys should be sent immediately after the event as it will still be top of mind for attendees.

3. Offer incentives

If you are including gamification at your event, you can award points for surveys. Otherwise, create a redeemable point system, offer a prize or free admission to next years event. If you offer a specific and valuable incentive, guests are more likely to complete your surveys.

4. Short and sweet

Design your surveys to be brief and to-the-point. We all value our time and you can show your attendees respect for theirs by keeping your questions to a minimum and by being direct. If you alert them of a “quick” or “5 minute” survey, be sure that you’re keeping your word.

5. Use an effective format

Event SurveysThis is an easy one to miss, but quite important. Consider the type of survey you want to conduct. Will your data be best collected via multiple choice? Maybe a scale makes the most sense. Is gathering feedback in your attendee’s own words the most helpful? Perhaps open ended questions or a combination is the way to go. In any case, consider the effort and time that each will require. For example, ten open ended questions requires a lot of work which may be easier to ignore than to answer! For multiple choice questions, be sure to consider whether or not responses can include more than one choice and if so, communicate such in your survey directions. We also suggest including a “not applicable” option as it will cut down on unanswered questions.

6. Publish your resultsEvent Surveys

We’re social creatures and we like sharing our opinions and appreciate when they’re heard. Publish your survey results to keep your attendees engaged and to let them know that their participation matters. 

How Can MeetingPlay help?

Surveys will help you gain valuable insight and critical information for making your events the best they can be. Use these tips to achieve higher response rates and let us know if you’re looking for more in-depth advice on gathering feedback, event planning or event tech, by subscribing to the MeetingPlay blog. And as always, don’t hesitate to schedule a free demo!

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