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How To Repurpose Event Content


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You put a lot of work into your event, finding expert speakers and offering rich, insightful content. Your event is a content gold mine. Now that it’s over, don’t let those golden nuggets go to waste. Keep the buzz going by reusing event content to serve your overall marketing strategy — without having to start from scratch.

Here are 5 tips to help you create the ultimate time-saving plan for recycling event content.

Reusing event content

1. Use a hashtag

You can bet that attendees will love posting questions, photos and videos on social media during your event. Encourage such participation by creating a short, unique and memorable hashtag. Deliver the hashtag before the event and/or during registration and remind guests throughout. You’ll stay in the loop and will be able to track ideas and awesome content to include in future blog and social posts. Need some hashtag best practices? Check out this post.

2. Record everything on video

Hiring a good videographer for your event is well worth the investment. You can capture all of the key presentations and panels, as well as some of the more candid, fun moments throughout to use in highlights video.

Repurposing event contentIf you’d rather skip the videographer and take more of a DIY approach, be sure that your guest speakers are well lit and properly mic’d. Capture their speech/presentation on video from beginning to end so that you have the option of sharing the whole video or editing it down to bite sized pieces for Youtube, Instagram, your blog and beyond.

3. Record it all on audio, too

As mentioned above, making sure your guest speakers are properly mic’d is critical. Audio and podcasts are a rapidly growing trend in the content marketing space. Capture high-quality recordings of all of your speakers and panels, and then turn it into new podcast episodes and audio clips for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and/or SoundCloud.

4. Transcribe the best presentations and talks

Once you capture audio at your event, it’s also a good practice to transcribe the files. Depending on length, transcribing can be time-consuming, so we recommend sending it out to a transcription service. Once you have your transcriptions, you can pull out pieces and quotes for blog posts, social media, eBooks and more.

5. Create infographics

Repurpose event content by creating infographics

It’s likely that your speaker’s presentation was chock full of memorable quotes and interesting stats - a perfect opportunity for recycling event content. With their permission, grab some of this content from their speeches and presentations and put it to work with infographics, a visually appealing and highly shareable format. Infographics can include easy-to-digest charts, word clouds, quotes and images, often in attention-grabbing, thematic colors.

Bonus Tip: Gate your content

A really good speaker creates really valuable content. When you offer full-length videos afterward, ask for an email address first. If people really value the presentation or talk, they’ll be happy to subscribe to your email list. Gating your content like this gives you a way to send them other similar talks and presentations in the future, and keeps them engaged with your brand.

Before you know it, you’ll find your repurposing event content groove. With each new event, you’ll know what to keep an eye on and how to better extend the reach of your messages. To learn more about creating memorable event content, check out other useful articles on the MeetingPlay blog. Or, if you’re ready to talk directly to an expert about event tech, contact us for a free demo.

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