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How to Get Attendees Onsite, On Time


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They say, "if you build it, they will come." You’ve planned it, organized the details, and envisioned your event from start to finish. So, will they come? Absolutely! With our pro tips, you can be confident attendees will show up onsite and on time to every event you’ve worked hard to build.

Planning successful onsite events hinges on your ability to excite, entice, and drive attendance. The venue, theme, engagement opportunities, special guests and speakers, giveaways, and prizes all encourage those coveted “count me in” RSVPs. But you already knew that.

What you may not know is what converts people from checking the box to getting in the door: It’s a strong registration plan.

Registration Reigns

Registration is at the heart of meetings and events. Not only does registration secure event revenue and help measure success, it also serves as a first true impression for attendees. An efficient and user-friendly registration will help maintain high guest expectations and build satisfaction, while also allowing for a prompt and smooth event.

Let’s dig and discuss how to deliver a great registration experience!

Team Up with the Right Technology

The world of event technology is constantly evolving and adapting to an increasingly tech-savvy audience. Therefore, it is critical to select a comprehensive and powerful event platform that leverages cutting-edge solutions. With registration capabilities and so much more, MeetingPlay serves event professionals the necessary tools for success.


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Next-Level Registration Features

Focusing on your event goals, consider the registration features that will help you achieve those goals. Look for event management solutions that will help you create an awesome, end-to-end attendee experience beginning with a simple and efficient registration process.

Event Registration Versatile Ticketing Solutions


Here’s what we think you’ll need:


Versatile Ticketing

Registration and/or ticket sales are a crucial part of the event planning process because those sales are directly tied to event ROI. Depending on your event needs, you may want the flexibility to choose between a ticketing platform, a registration platform, or a solution that can provide both. Planners will appreciate the ability to sell tickets and create the registration you need for your special event all in one simple tool.

Branded Event Page

Customizable event registration software sets you apart from the competition. Let the event professionals who know the industry inside and out help you utilize event software to fit your brand’s specific needs, from registration to follow-up. Get a branded registration page for a cohesive and unique experience that showcases the best aspects of your event.

Built-In Incentives

Sometimes it takes a little something extra to draw a crowd. You’ll appreciate the option to offer can’t-miss opportunities that are exclusively available by attending your event. Get attendees in the door by teasing a prize drawing, giveaway or raffle, or by creating discounts, offers, and upgrades. Easily update access types to enhance personalization and monetization. Offering registrants something to win or save will provide them with additional motivation to join your live, virtual, or hybrid event.


Meetings and events – whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid – have become important components of overall marketing strategies. Event technology that can integrate with your existing platforms and CRMs is a key factor for many planners. Integration options facilitate critical data pulls, help interpret results, process payments, and record what you need when you need it. Easily grow your events with registration software that perfectly integrates with your marketing stack.

Customizable Forms

Capture vital attendance data from basic information to detailed questions. The type of event you are hosting may set the tone for this but keep the attendee’s experience in mind. They want the registration process to be quick and without pain points. Ask questions that are relevant to your audience. Customizing questions will streamline the process by only showing questions that matter to them. Let meeting professionals help you create custom forms that gather critical data while not being overly complex or time-consuming.

Automated Reminders

Automated reminders from email and SMS to alarms and alerts are almost expected these days. How else do busy people stay on task and on time? Planners should seek registration software that offers automated confirmations, event reminders, and updates. These helpful features keep attendees on schedule and in the right place! This is especially helpful for larger events housed in large venues with simultaneous presentations, exhibits, and demonstrations.

QR Code Check In

Fast-Track Check-In

A key to managing event flow successfully is to minimize time spent checking in. Besides, no one likes to wait in line! Make access and entry quick, safe, and painless with a feature such as our registration fast-pass. This ensures attendees can securely move on without missing the opening act, so to speak.

Data Gathering

Another beneficial feature to look for in your event registration platform is data collection and useful reporting. Some registration software allows you to monitor key benchmarks in addition to tracking registration counts and receiving real-time insights. Making data-driven decisions now and for future events should be easy for you, your team, and your sponsors.

Professionals Behind the Tech

While technology is an essential component, remember there are real people behind the screens who can help you! MeetingPlay understands the importance of partnership. We know you, your brand, and your audience deserve a high-touch, premium service. Make sure you work with a team who understands your business and event goals, can explain and demonstrate event app features, collaborates with you to customize and match your event needs with the available solutions and is available 24/7 for support so you can spend less time worrying and more time executing a fabulous event!


Wrap Up

While there are many important factors relevant to the event planning process, remember that event registration is the foundation of any successful event. It is the first real engagement opportunity for guests that can make or break expectations. Successfully registering attendees is also one way your business secures revenue and thus is valuable to the bottom line.

By ensuring that your registration process is as efficient and user-friendly as possible, you’ll be able to get people through the door safely, on time, and in place. This nicely sets up the remainder of your event for success. Look to take advantage of custom, branded, and automated solutions that promise to deliver a superior registration experience. Arm your team with real-time data and insights which allow you to both pivot in the moment and plan for the future. Get the service and support you deserve with feature-packed event technology backed by a talent-packed team!

If you plan it, they will come. And the event professionals at MeetingPlay will help!

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