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If you're looking to improve attendance, increase engagement, and create an unforgettable experience at your next event, it may be time to gamify your conference.

We know nothing speaks more loudly than real-world examples of how gamification can enhance your event and add more value for your attendees and sponsors. Here are three examples of how MeetingPlay helped actual clients add efficiency, value, and engagement to their events.

Case Study 1 – The Time and Money Saver

How to Gamify a Conference - The Time and Money SaverA MeetingPlay client had a problem on their hands. Each year they held a casino-themed holiday party for their employees. Everyone loved the concept, but the process for managing the evening’s activities was cumbersome, unreliable and time-consuming. We had a perfect solution to help them out.

Using gamification, we helped our client provide each attendee with digital “money” for gaming. When attendees finished gambling with the play currency, they deposited their winnings into their digital, in-app currency. The currency combined with any points they earned previously through other app features. Participants could then use their points to enter to win 16 different prizes. At the end of the night, we used a custom report to randomly select the winner of each prize. Then, the event organizer posted the list of winners on the event app’s conversation wall.

Our client was able to eliminate hours of counting, game management, and energy-killing downtime using our conference gamification ideas. The event was a huge success. Attendees raved about the improvement and how much they loved the digital upgrades.

Case Study 2 – Global Connections

Conference Gamification - Global ConnectionsAnother MeetingPlay client had a different problem to solve. They were organizing an event to bring together global divisions with the goal of sharing best practices. They needed to match people in one division with their counterparts in the same division from another country. Once again, the gamification feature of our event app served as the perfect solution.

Using the information provided by the event organizer, as well as our match-making algorithm, we were able to define 16 recommended connections for each attendee. We populated the participants’ digital bingo cards with their top connections. Attendees also wore iBeacon lanyards to alert them when they were near another attendee on their networking list. Participants were able to scan the codes on their connections’ lanyards to populate their bingo squares in the app. The entire process was fully automated.

The results were astounding. Our client was able to organize meaningful conversations within strategic teams to help them move their business forward. At the same time, attendees made valuable connections to help them enhance their careers.

Case Study 3 – Product Launch and Brand Awareness

Event gamification can do more than just connecting people to one another and saving time for planners. Digital activities can also help organizers raise awareness of products and services.

One year, a MeetingPlay client organized an event to bring attention to a new product. They invited employees, distributors and other business partners to attend. Their goal was to help everyone become familiar with the new product and create buzz for the launch.

Product Launch and Brand AwarenessWe helped this particular client by creating a gamification activity involving a photo contest. Participants uploaded pictures of themselves with the new product, and then shared them within the gamification app for rewards. Throughout the day, attendees were able to vote for their favorite pictures. After the event, the person or group with the most votes won.

The digital gamification app allowed our client to raise tons of awareness for their new product and provide a fun activity for everyone involved.

In Conclusion

These conference gamification ideas only scratch the surface of what’s possible with our versatile event gamification app.  To learn more about gamification, download our Gamify your Conference ebook.

Do you have an event that could benefit from our technology? Contact us today for more conference gamification ideas.