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How Simone Giertz Get’s Shiz Done - AKA 3 Ways to Automate Your Event Planning

Blair Pettrey

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If you don’t know who “Simone Giertz” is… well you’re truly missing out. She’s a very intelligent young lady that makes humorous videos showing her (though funny & quite silly) automated robot creations:

Like that one time she made a chopping machine for vegetables:

Or that other time she invented a “Wake-up Machine” (that slaps you, HA!):

But what does this mean for event professionals? Or why does it matter that Simone Giertz automates her life (even if it’s sometimes in a ridiculous manner?) Well it means a lot. Because odds are, as anyone who is planning an event – whether a meeting, seminar, conference or just that ‘typical’ name “event” – you probably could be automating many of the tasks that are taking up your time.  à Hello, MeetingPlay!

We seem to be saving the day quite oft lately, don’t we?

1.) Plan & Schedule Your Social Media Content

With great free tools like and there’s no excuse to not be planning and posting your social posts out in advance.

2.) Plan & Schedule Your Website's Content

Does your event or company have a website with a blog? Write your content today and schedule it to post throughout the pre-event marketing period. 90 days out is a great time to start posting content to excite and delight your potential event attendees. Wanting to attract event attendees? Plan to share content on your event or company website 6 months+.

3.) Schedule & Automate Drip E-mail Campaigns

Have a potential event attendee land on your events website? When you collect leads via your event website call to action – there’s no better way to automate your process than to have a pre-written email that automatically sends to that attendee. Whether it thanks them for their interest, welcomes them to your event, or provides an offer (such as an event eBook or event guide) – with most email platforms you can automate this option without having to individually send emails out to leads.

 Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks. -Wikipedia

 Whether you automate your event planning through social media efforts, web site content, or email campaigns – there’s simply no reason you can’t be relieving yourself of time while still attracting and nurturing your leads. Want to learn more? Keep reading this series or check out our free eBook offer below!

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