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2 Truths & 1 Lie - How MeetingPlay's Customized Approach to Event Apps Results in High Adoption Rates

Blair Pettrey

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It’s the first day of freshman orientation – the first day at a new company onboarding – or your event is rocking attendee engagement through gamification: there’s always a fun time to get to know new faces and people around you or strengthen employee teams and event attendee groups with icebreaker games.

Recently one of MeetingPlay’s clients ‘brought down the house’ driving event engagement (and having nearly one of the highest event adoption rates we’ve seen!) by combining gamification and their mobile event app – with the real life interactions of event attendees – with one of the long time favorites when it comes to icebreaker games: ‘2 Truths & 1 Lie’.

What is ‘2 Truths & 1 Lie’?

For those who may be unfamiliar with this long time favorite icebreaker game – it’s quite simple. A classic ‘get to know you’ icebreaker game where each attendee or participant shares (or writes) 3 statements about themselves: ‘2 Truths & 1 Lie’.

The statements should all be foundational enough that it allows participants to be thrown off (i.e. you don’t want the lie to appear entirely obvious). Great examples we saw with our client’s event attendees included:

  • I have broken my arm 13 times

  • I lost $5,000 on a single hand of blackjack.

  • I watched 59 episodes of Breaking Bad in 11 days so I could catch up with the last episodes.

  • I broke my nose sneezing and hitting my face on the wall

  • I was in a Will Smith movie.

  • I am mortified of the thought of ducks eating snails.

  • I once ate pigs blood in my soup (Intentionally).

And so on – you get the idea. This icebreaker game has been a fun way to encourage attendee interaction and networking, far longer than our client’s most recent event. But how MeetingPlay helped this client rock not only event engagement – but having one of the highest mobile event app adoption rates through this interaction.

Why Does MeetingPlay’s ‘2 Truths & 1 Lie’ Matter?

We’re asked all the time what makes MeetingPlay’s event app experience difference and better than any other mobile event app.  And while there are a multitude of ways and reasons that set MeetingPlay apart from the rest – this simple ‘2 Lies & 1 Truth’ integration showcases just one perfect example: Customization.

MeetingPlay – True Mobile Event App Customization

All of our mobile event apps have the option for polling/ Audience Response Systems for our clients to utilize at their events. Usually this fun and interactive feature within event app’s is utilized during a speaker’s presentation or as a way for pre or post event engagement.

But with a client who truly wanted to focus on event engagement from the moment their attendees arrived – MeetingPlay looked outside the typical ‘event app features’ and through the use of gamification (collecting points) and polling – the 2 Truths & 1 Lie feature was custom built.

What Did This Level of Customization Mean for Our Client?

With the focus for our client’s event attendees to interact and network with this custom polling feature we built – they were able to accomplish two of their most important goals from the beginning.

  1. AMAZING Mobile Event App Adoption Rate

As we mentioned prior – the first thing every attendee who attended our client’s event was encouraged to do was to open their mobile event app and begin interacting with other event attendees to participate in the icebreaker game. With the initial focus being on utilizing the event app – our clients were able to showcase and encourage event attendees to use the app. This resulted in a very highly successful event app adoption rate – one of the best we’ve ever seen here at MeetingPlay!

MeetingPlay's Customized Mobile Event Apps Help Generate Highest Adoption Rates.

 2.Continuously High Event Engagement

Having event attendees interact with each other from the moment they walk into your event, helps nurture the networking culture that your event or seminar is. Our ‘2 Truths & a Lie’ gamification feature helped our clients see a huge increase in on-site and even after the event, engagement.

 In Conclusion:

Taking MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps feature list – and truly customizing it for our client – we were able to help our client meet and exceed their goals.  While other event app company’s may have the same basic foundational features in what their event app offers – MeetingPlay prides ourselves knowing that we go above and beyond to ensure our clients have the most custom, engaging and goal achieving mobile event app.

By helping our clients take a foundational MeetingPlay event app feature – and make it the most engaging feature at their event – we were able to showcase yet again the custom power of working with MeetingPlay – which truly leads to not just delighted event planners and professionals, but delighted event attendees.

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