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Hispanicize 2017 - MeetingPlay's GameDay Support & Live Badge Printing (Case Study)

Blair Pettrey

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MeetingPlay's GameDay services include a variety of onsite support for events. From registration kiosks, dedicated on-site account managers and tech help, badge remittance, and one of the often underutilized but best components - our fast pass registration check-in system, which includes live badge printing.

Hispanicize is "the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship." With nearly 2,000 attendees - registration and badge retrieval can quickly become a long, dreaded process that holds up lines and displeases attendees.

MeetingPlay's GameDay onsite support and live badge printing helped expedite this process, leading to a quicker check-in process, a fast badge retrieval process, and a happy attendee on their way to enjoying the event.

How Live Event Badge Printing Worked at Hispanicize 2017

live event badge printing

At Hispanicize, attendees who pre-registered for the event were able to open their mobile event apps, and select 'Fast Track Pass', which generates a unique QR code for each attendee. (Alternatively, attendees could pre-print the QR code through their email, or they could search for their first and last name in the registration system).

If Attendees chose to utilize the 'Fast Track' option, the app would open the QR code, and the attendee would then self-scan the QR code, which would then generate a printed name badge at the kiosks printer. 

event check-in with badge printing

After the name badge is printed, a dedicated Gameday onsite representative would place it into a name badge holder and the attendee has completed check-in, and received their badge, quickly, and is on their way to enjoying the event.

how live badge printing benefited hispanicize event

How Live Badge Printing Benefited Hispanicize 2017                              

1. The average time in line was less than 25 seconds per attendee for those who utilized MeetingPlay's Fast Pass option.

2. Line waits for the check-in process was drastically reduced from previous years.

3. Attendees were able to get to where they wanted to be much faster.

4. Increased pre-event registration by 56% year over year.