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Gift Ideas for Event Sponsors, Vendors and Talent


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It takes a lot of teamwork for a successful event to come together and it wouldn’t be possible without your sponsors, vendors and talent. Giving a thoughtful thank you gift for sponsors will leave your partners feeling appreciated. Plus, with a fond reminder of their experience, they’re more likely to participate again and let their colleagues and network know how nice it was working with you. Consider these options when brainstorming what to give. 

1. Start with a handwritten thank you card

Gift ideas: Handwritten Thank You Card

Yes, it’s old school but take a second to recall your reaction to the last handwritten note that you received. It generates a warm and valued feeling that your colleagues will appreciate. While we suggest sending supplemental gifts with the card, it’s the perfect starting point.

2. Give shout-outs and spread brand awareness

Gift ideas: Shout-outs and Brand AwarenessOne of the best ways to give back to your support team is to help them grow their own business and brand. If you have the opportunity to include some tasteful branding throughout your event, do so with your sponsor logos. This could mean everything from including logos in your printed material to branded cupcakes! Of course, giving shout outs on social media will offer the most exposure. Consider including photos of your talent during the event, posting about sponsor contributions and including a thank you in your video highlights.

3. Donate to a charity

We’ve written about making charity donations accessible for your attendees and how donating on their behalf or offering a matching program is a touching gift. The same is true when it comes to your sponsors, vendors and talent. Is there a charity that aligns with their mission? Or, perhaps they already work with a specific organization? In any case, to give the gift of giving is both classy and meaningful.

4. A memorable experience

A soothing spa visit, a delicious meal at a welcoming restaurant, a meditation retreat or cooking class are all lovely ideas for creating an experience that show your gratitude. Plus, if the activity kick-starts a new lifestyle choice for your recipient, it is a gift that keeps on giving. We also suggest brainstorming on experiences that are in line with your brand or your sponsor’s mission and/or are eco-friendly activities.

5. Green gifts and classic goodies

As we’ve mentioned before, environmental gifts are on trend and for good reason—they help the planet! If you want to send your support team gifts they can hold, we suggest going green.Green gift ideas for event sponsors

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Reusable straws
  • Reusable, easy-to-pack bags
  • Swag that supports a cause
  • Solar device charger
  • 100% recycled work supplies such as a notebook or planner

If feel-good classics are a better match for your partners. Consider the following:

  • Desk plant (Be sure to choose a plant that can survive in an office environment.)
  • Soothing and/or artisan goodies: coffee, tea, bread, apothecary box (essential oils, bath salts, candles). 
  • Seasonal gift basket: A winter mix of hot cocoa, wool socks and a subscription to Netflix or a summer beach towel, flops, sunscreen and a frisbee. 

Of the suggestions above, which make the most sense for your sponsors, vendors or talent? Perhaps a combination is best. Of course, adding a personal touch is even better. Did your presenter mention a sore throat? Include a box of Traditional Medicinal Throat Coat tea in your package. Did your vendor comment on your beautiful flower arrangements? Send a bouquet or the contact information and gift certificate to your florist. In any case, put some thought and care into your gift giving to show your support team how much they are appreciated. 

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