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    Gamification: Trivia

    Have you ever participated in a trivia night at a local restaurant?  It's a great time! Chatting with friends, eating delicious food and trying to answer trivia questions to be the top table of the night, all fun and games, right? So why not include this at an event?  We thought the same!  So last week in Denver Colorado, Meeting Play spiced up one of the night's dinner outings held at a local restaurant, by creating a custom trivia game through the event app.  

    This trivia game was a team effort for attendees and all the trivia questions were based on interesting facts about the company.  Before everyone left for the dinner, they were notified via Meeting Play's push notifications, which team out of the five they were on, and were encouraged to find who their teammates were throughout the night.  Holding this trivia game was a great conversation starter for networking as well as creating some friendly competition.  

    Throughout the evening, push notifications were sent out showing the current leader board, which helped push attendees encourage their fellow teammates to answer the trivia questions if they hadn't done so already.  The competitive buzz was contagious! 

    The trivia concluded at the end of the night.  The following morning during the closing session they announced the winning team for the trivia and went through all the questions going over the correct answers.  This again, created a fun and engaging atmosphere and got the attendees excited!

    With Meeting Play's scalable and custom platform, it enables us to be innovative and create custom features to meet any events needs.  This is just one story of the many how Meeting Play brought something new and entertaining to a conference.  Having attendees engage with the event and connect with others is something we constantly aim for with our event app.  Finding what will fit your event to make this happen is part of the fun for us!

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