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Gamification: Trivia Fun with the MeetingPlay App

Blair Pettrey

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A successful event is engaging as well as memorable, and event gamification has the power to help you create both. When you gamify your event, you can make things more fun, while also encouraging behavior that supports your event goals. Let’s take a closer look at how gamification works, and how MeetingPlay used it to enliven one of our events.

How gamification can change an event

Event Gamification

To gamify an app is to develop an activity that generates a little friendly competition, along with a point and/or reward system. Gamification creates a clear goal for participants, with a chance to win, which stirs motivation. A shared goal encourages communication and collaboration between attendees. When attendees work together, trust is established, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Creating a game can be as simple as rewarding basic activities such as connecting with a peer or visiting a sponsor booth. Customized games create an even richer experience and can use familiar frameworks such as bingo, or more imaginative content such as a scavenger hunt, photo contest or trivia.

Have you ever participated in a trivia night at a local bar or restaurant? Chatting with friends, eating delicious food and answering puzzling questions in an effort to be the top table of the night is exciting and fun. So why not include this at an event? We thought the same. MeetingPlay spiced up a group outing in Denver, Colorado by creating a custom trivia game through our event app.

How MeetingPlay gamified the event

Event TriviaOur event trivia game was held during dinner at a local restaurant. Before arriving for the evening, attendees were alerted via push notification as to which team they were on. From the get-go, guests were engaged — they were encouraged to find their teammates once they arrived. The trivia questions were based on interesting facts about the company. Answering them became a team effort. The game was perfect for networking as it served as an easy conversation starter and created playful competition.  

Throughout the evening, we sent push notifications highlighting who was in the lead. This generated even more positive interaction as participants would encourage fellow teammates to jump in and answer trivia questions, especially if they hadn't done so already. The competitive buzz was contagious!

Custom Trivia

At the end of the night, the questions concluded, and during the closing session the following morning, winners were announced. Celebrating the wins and revealing all of the correct answers was another chance to create a fun and engaging atmosphere, as attendees bonded over results.

How MeetingPlay can help

With MeetingPlay’s scalable and customizable platform, we make it easy for you and your attendees to participate and connect with others during your event. We delight in making conferences fun and love creating innovative solutions to fit your brand, attendee and event needs. If you want to learn more about gamification, As always, we’d love to talk with you! If you want to chat with an expert, don’t hesitate to schedule a free demo!

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