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First Look: How to Design Virtual and Hybrid Events Sponsors and Exhibitors Will Love


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It’s not only possible to create engaging, effective, valuable events through a virtual platform or hybrid format — but the sky is truly the limit when it comes to possibilities for delivering that content to attendees from around the world. It’s equally as possible to deliver high ROI to sponsors and exhibitors through your virtual and hybrid events. You simply have to understand what you should offer, how to position it, and how to measure the results and present them to these stakeholders so they can realize the value.

Before you can download this brand-new, go-to guide for creating high-impact sponsorships and exhibitor packages that will exceed partners’ expectations (including more than a dozen ideas you can implement in your events right away), preview what’s inside:

I. What to Consider when Planning Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities


You have a few elements working in your favor with virtual events (such as expanded time frame due to on-demand content and increased social media usage), which means you can work with your existing framework and re-conceptualize some of your offerings to be successful in this environment.

Instead of reinventing the wheel when it comes to sponsor and exhibitor opportunities, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What types of packages did you offer pre-pandemic for in-person events?
  • Which of those above packages are still possible to achieve in a virtual or hybrid format?
  • Which ones worked well (that you can build upon)?
  • Which ones weren’t so popular (that you can eliminate or adapt to be more effective in this new format)?

Next, it’s time to think about the factors that influence your ability to sell and deliver ROI on these opportunities. For example:

Sponsor/Exhibitor Goals

Sponsors and exhibitors have to be able to see the value in what you’re offering to them in a virtual or hybrid event format. The first question they will have when deciding whether to be a part of your event is, “What’s in it for me?” To be able to answer that question, it’s important to understand their goals and what they’re looking to get out of connecting with your audience. Remember, not all companies want the same thing out of sponsorships or exhibiting.

Your Audience

Your attendees are the single most powerful asset that you can leverage sponsorships and exhibitors against, regardless of the event format. If you’re speaking with a potential sponsor or exhibitor, that means they’ve likely already expressed interest in reaching your event’s audience — so opportunities to connect the with your audience should be at the center of your sponsor or exhibitor offerings.


While the practice of implementing levels such as gold, silver and bronze has worked in the past, you may want to tweak your approach when looking to create high-ROI virtual and hybrid packages for sponsors and exhibitors, depending on your industry. A company buying benefits they don’t actually want or need, because they’re boxed into a specific sponsorship tier, may feel that they’re missing out on more forward-thinking opportunities to connect with your audience. That’s why instead of tiers, you may want to list out sponsorship opportunities on an a la carte menu or by activation type (such as experiential, branding, swag, etc.).


II. High ROI Ideas for Sponsors and Exhibitors

When you start building out package options for sponsors and exhibitors, remember that the key difference between the two types is their level of interaction with your audience. Typically, sponsors have more visual assets, such as logo placements, while exhibitors will have more direct interface with attendees. Some companies will be both sponsors and exhibitors, reaping double the benefits. Designing effective package for both types comes down to helping them fulfill their goals and connect with your audience in creative, productive ways. Through implementing these methods, you’ll be able to show your sponsors and exhibitors that ROI can be even greater from virtual and hybrid than in-person events.

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III. How MeetingPlay Can Help 

MeetingPlay Virtual puts your sponsors in the driver seat while simplifying the management process from your perspective. Through features such as appointment scheduling, live office hours and live audio sessions, our platform gives your sponsors and exhibitors more power over their booth experience and the tools they need to grow their audience through your virtual or hybrid event.

From the sponsor dashboard, sponsors and exhibitors have several options for creating and customizing their virtual experience. See all the tools you’ll have access to when working with MeetingPlay on virtual or hybrid events by downloading the e-book.

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