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Top Planners Use These Event App Features to Drive Engagement


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Our recent whitepaper, Tech-Savvy Planner Secrets,  surveyed planners to find out how they use event apps. The results offer a unique window into how top planners strategize when it comes to apps. Specifically, when asked about which features they use to drive engagement, clear patterns emerged, revealing how planners use features to keep their attendees engaged. The top features, listed here, are a road map for all planners looking to boost engagement.

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In-app messaging

Messaging has become one of the central platforms of modern communication. Your event app is an opportunity for you to give attendees a natural space to communicate. In your app, attendees can message each other one-on-one, or set up a group chat to message multiple people. The result is sure to get attendees communicating, setting up meetings, sharing content and generally staying more engaged.

Social walls and activity feeds

Top Event App Features Social WallsMessaging is great for one-on-one and for group chats. But if attendees want to share something with the larger group, the app’s social feed can function as a space to start new discussions. It’s a great way to encourage content sharing, and helps attendees feel engaged with the larger event experience.

Real-time polling and live questions

Live polling ups the engagement level during speaker presentations and Q & A sessions. Your speakers can connect with audience members directly on their phones. Speakers ask questions and attendees answer via their mobile event app, and results are shown immediately, generating excitement as attendees love seeing the results displayed on the large screen.

Top Event App Features Live Polling

Attendees can also ask questions during a presentation, which will pop up in real-time, eliminating the need for staged microphones in the audience. We do recommend having a moderator review and filter questions so that the speakers can stay focused on their presentations. A moderator can also ensure repeated questions are consolidated.

Interactive maps and wayfinding features

With in-app interactive maps, you can provide step-by-step directions to meeting rooms, vendor booths and everywhere else you want your attendees to go. You can also incorporate proximity marketing and location-based notifications such as session check-ins and post-session surveys. This feature eliminates the frustration of getting lost at an event venue, and creates more time for networking and engagement.


Gamification rewards attendees to for their engagement — literally. There’s an endless variety of games that you can consider, but if you want to boost engagement, consider a bingo board. The board can consist of attendees who have been matched together using an algorithm based on information gathered prior to the event. To complete the board and win a prize, everyone is encouraged to walk up to other people and start a conversation. You can also award points through other types of games or actions, such as connecting with people, visiting sponsors, answering poll questions and beyond.

Networking and matchmaking tools

Top Event App Features NetworkingSavvy planners know: networking is the biggest driver in event attendance. They also know that many people find networking a bit daunting. Matchmaking apps make the process easier. You can pair attendees based on their titles, purpose for being at the event, and any other relevant details. Conversation is easily sparked as attendees will see shared interests, view each other’s profiles, and connect. After meeting their match, attendee QR codes make it easier for attendees to swap info. With your app, they can scan a code and instantly capture a person’s profile and contact information.

Session Check In

Session check-in is a great way to manage the flow of your event, but they also present the perfect opportunity to deliver a personalized message. When attendees check into a session using their event app, additional content becomes available (via beacon technology). Send a targeted welcome message, instructions, or gather feedback with a poll or survey. 

Push notifications

Push notifications are a direct line to your attendees. Use them to promote the app features you created for engagement. For example: if you are using gamification, send a push and encourage everyone to get in on the fun, and tell them how to earn points and prizes.

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