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Feature Friday: Lead Retrieval

Blair Pettrey

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For our first installment of Feature Friday we are highlighting our Lead Retrieval feature.  For those who don't know what lead retrieval does, it is a feature that connects exhibitors to attendees.  Furthermore, it helps exhibitors manage and maximize lead generation opportunities.  Lets paint the picture...

Your an exhibitor at an event where you can possibly have a ton of leads.  Some leads might have more  potential than others but you will soon find out.  At the event, you have downloaded the mobile app and can scan other attendees to get connected but you want more.  It is only allowing you to connect and when a good lead comes in, there is no way to differentiate it compared to any other connection.

This is where Lead Retrieval comes in.  Lead Retrieval is its own feature specially for exhibitors.  It is the ultimate lead managing feature. 

This is how it works...

When an exhibitor connects with an attendee, who is their lead, it is captured to the cloud where exhibitors can manage and view everyone they have connected with.  Unlike traditional lead retrieval, our tools allow to better manage and organize leads in order to narrow down the results in real time or for when you get back into the office.  This feature allows exhibitors to:

  •          Rate the potential of the person you just connected with
  •          Take notes about your conversation for later review
  •          Auto connect via LinkedIn
  •          Add them to your “favorites”
  •          Access data about the attendee that other attendees don’t have

Exhibitors can even manage who can be a part of the lead retrieval process.  So in instances where there are multiple representatives for an exhibitor, whoever has access to the portal can add the others to the system so they can use the feature and expanded the lead opportunity.

Also, unlike traditional lead retrieval all of the connections are available in real time in our cloud based system. No walking to a booth to “print out” your leads….it's all at your fingertips in real time.  Our Lead Retrieval allows you to:

  •          Search and sort your leads
  •          Download contacts to vCard
  •          Export all connections to excel

Having Lead Retrieval at your event will increase ROI and is also pulls exhibitors to join your event.  Not only are you supplying exhibitors with plenty of possible leads, but making a Lead Retrieval feature available to them for even easier lead management.