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Feature Friday: iBeacon | MeetingPlay

Blair Pettrey

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For this installment of Feature Friday we will be looking into iBeacon technology.  This location-based technology will most definitely take your event to the next level.  With iBeacon, you have the ability to deliver messages or prompt attendees with call to actions as they are moving through the venue.  

How does it work?

iBeacon is a Bluetooth low energy technology that works when a device comes into the range of a beacon's transmission.  Onsite, the first step is to place the beacons strategically around your event.  Once in range, the beacons will notify the attendee’s device and can display a notification or request various actions.  So imagine an attendee walks into the main lobby at the beginning of the event.  With iBeacon technology it will notify them with a welcoming message and ask them to visit registration to pick up their badge while providing a map to show them how to get there.

Benefits of iBeacon:

Keep attendees in the know - iBeacon technology can answer the questions attendees have.  It can show what sessions are going on where and when, why you should attend with a detailed description of what the session is about, and who is presenting.  Have a survey you want everyone to fill out?  Have beacons set in lounge areas and foyers to prompt attendees to take the survey.

Take networking to the next level - Once attendees are in a session, they are able to see everyone that is nearby.  With the ability to see profiles, contact information and even an option to start a chat with the person directly, it gives attendees a better opportunity to network and reach out.

Ultimate tracking - iBeacon technology can track where everyone is going.  As attendees walk into a session, it can check them in, keeping track of how many attendees are in the session.  This is great for data to help you see what to expect for the following year as far as attendance for meals, sessions and space.  

Boost gamification - Make a scavenger hunt engaging and fun!  Having beacons as check in points for a scavenger hunt will bring new exciting ways for attendees to this twist on your event.  Their devices can notify them they have made it and give them the next clue all through iBeacon technology.

However iBeacon is used, it will most definitely bring your event to the next level and provide the WOW factor to your attendees!