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MeetingPlay in the running for Favorite Event Tech Supplier


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MeetingPlay has been shortlisted for Favorite Event Technology Supplier - The People’s Choice Award by Event Technology Awards!

Winners are selected based on votes - vote for MeetingPlay here!

What makes us so special? It’s a fair question. Here’s what some of our customers have to say, along with examples of the technology we’ve used to help enhance their events…

"Together with MeetingPlay, our events have become even more successful for both event attendees and event vendors."

Event MatchmakingFor most events, attendees come with the goal of networking. We’ve worked with clients who have had over 3000+ attendees - with a group this large it could have been overwhelming for attendees to find the right connections. MeetingPlay uses a matchmaking algorithm to present each attendee with their top matches. We do this using a networking questionnaire that attendees complete. The questionnaire includes a mix of personal and professional questions and we brainstorm ideas for networking questions when our clients need help. To assist the process, we can also use proximity notifications (through the use of wearable beacon technology) to alert attendees when a match is nearby. In doing so, attendees don’t have to search for a face in a crowd. This allows attendees to interact naturally, anywhere at the event. For example, if an attendee was waiting by the elevator and a match was nearby, they would receive a notification and could strike up a conversation right then and there. To read about an example of this technology in action, click here.

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"Our entire team loves working with MeetingPlay – they are creative, results-oriented, and accommodating to our needs."

Our clients can always count on us to brainstorm creative new solutions for their event goals which can incorporate emerging tech trends like Augmented Reality and Facial Recognition

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We also offer a variety of features that may not be most requested, but are often well suited for certain events.

For example, our Shuttle Tracker offers an uber-like experience for attendees taking buses at your events. Rather than waiting outside (sometimes in the heat) for a bus to arrive, they can use their app or kiosks to track when buses are arriving.

Another client was planning a meeting of 4500 attendees. They would normally have hundreds of meeting room requests from their sales team looking for a private space to meet with prospects. Our Room Scheduling feature allowed the sales teams to book rooms directly and is a huge time saver for the planner.

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"The level of customization of the Meeting Play mobile event app was extremely helpful with our group."

Often, we talk to clients who found out after working with another provider that their app was configurable. When they asked about customizing certain things, they got a lot of “no” responses. The app was adaptable, but when it came down to execution, they didn’t find the versatility they needed. That’s why they come to us. For example, we offer live polling with fully customizable questions and answers, or navigation elements that can be developed and named based on the needs of the client. To learn more about MeetingPlay customization, check out this free ebook.

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"To say that the service and support I received was wonderful is an understatement."

We provide dedicated account managers who serve as your single point-of-contact throughout your event app development, launch and execution. If you’ve never worked with a dedicated account manager before, you may not be aware of what you are missing - this is a client favorite as they love having someone who not only helps manage the process with them, but who can make recommendations and offer best practices that can help along the way.

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A few quick stats:

  • 92% customer retention rate
  • 99% of customers are likely to recommend MeetingPlay
  • Named one of The Top 10 Event Management Solutions Providers (2019)

Have we convinced you? If so, vote for MeetingPlay as Favorite Event Tech Supplier at this link. Winners will be announced on November 6th!

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MeetingPlay is a mobile event app provider who develops intuitive, engaging and information-rich solutions infused with innovative technology, providing experiences that everyone will be talking about.

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