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Faces Behind MeetingPlay's Virtual Platform: Meet Lauren Pirri


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Want to know a big reason why our MeetingPlay customers choose us as their virtual event platform partner? We’d like to think it’s all the slick, custom technology solutions we provide to engage audiences and make each virtual event unique. 


But we confess…it's not!


The truth is, even for customers experienced in planning large virtual events, things can get extremely complex, and fast. No matter how challenging things get, our amazing Account Managers work side by side with them through every step. For MeetingPlay, it’s all about actively coming up with the best solutions to meet their event goals. 


Bottom line, what event organizers really love about MeetingPlay is our team's approach to customer success. In fact, most of our customers request specific Account Managers by name. 


In this 3rd installment of our Faces Behind MeetingPlay series, we introduce super star Senior Account Manager, Lauren Pirri (yes, customers really do request Lauren by name). She’s also a great role model for event professional women everywhere as a mom of 1 (expecting one more!), a golden retriever, and a full-time career to boot. 



We sat down with Lauren to get her expert advice on planning successful virtual and hybrid events.

1. Can You Tell Us About Your Role in Customer Success?

Lauren PirriI'm a Senior Account Manager with MeetingPlay. My role in successful events is to carry our customers through from the beginning of a project to the full execution of their virtual events. We start with a kick-off in the beginning to understand their goals and develop timelines. Then, I support them on creating timelines, and ensuring all their deliverables are met. But then I also work with our internal team to get their virtual platform up and running and tested and executed properly. If our customer has a need or challenge that requires a custom solution, I work with our project manager and dev team to come up with the solution that’s right for that specific customer.



2. What’s Different About Helping Event Organizers Plan Virtual and Hybrid Events Vs. Live?

Lauren PirriI would honestly say it's a bit of a learning curve. I've seen a lot of growth in knowledge and skills from Covid-19 started that started last year to now. Planners are used to the ins and outs of on-site events. They’ve found that virtual events are really different. New customers are not only getting used to planning virtual events, but they are learning our platform as well. So, anything we can do to help, such as give examples, screenshots, and be available to answer any questions, makes them more comfortable. Our ultimate goal is to be a long-term resource and partner to our customers because of the support that we give them.



3. How Have You Gone Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to Help MeetingPlay Customers?

Lauren PirriI always put myself in the shoes of the customer, considering their event goals and purpose of the event. I make that a big priority. I also put myself in the shoes of the attendee. Virtual attendee experience and engagement is a big component that we focus on at MeetingPlay because it's the attendees who are the end users who are going to be flowing through our virtual platform. We want it to be easy for them and enjoyable. We try to think of all the ways to make that happen including providing immediate support if they run into any technical issues.We want it to be enjoyable for the audience. So, it’s important that I dip myself into both sides to ensure the customer experience and client experience are equally incredible.



In addition, I always try to anticipate things that our clients may not think of that we’ve seen with other events and other clients. I bring those things to the table in order to add more value as a partner.


4. What May Event Planners Not Know About Virtual Events That They Need to Know?

Lauren PirriI always remind planners to keep in mind that attendees are no longer a captive audience like they may have been at a live event. In a virtual experience, we recommend that events take place a bit later in the day and are shorter. If their virtual event is multi day, consider a half day versus a full day. We also like to emphasize the importance of breaks, keeping in mind that even though the event is online, people still want to be able to get up and use the restroom without missing out on anything. Last but not least, it’s important to make the online event not just educational, but fun and connective for the audience! 



5. What's the Best Hybrid Event Advice You Can Give to Meeting Planners?

Lauren PirriAs my colleague Stephanie said so well in the last post in this series, the more time you give yourself to plan the better. Since hybrid events merge the timelines of both a virtual and an in-person event, you’ll always need more time than you think. Aligning all those timelines for pulling off different components may seem a bit daunting, but once broken down, it’s very feasible. 



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About Lauren Pirri

Lauren Pirri joined MeetingPlay as an Account Manager in 2017 and was promoted to Senior Lauren Pirri BioAccount Manager in 2020. She graduated from Millersville University in 2012 with a Bachelors in Psychology, and a minor in Criminology.  Lauren has been involved in event planning since 2013 and was the lead for the American Jail Association’s tradeshow/exhibitors at their annual conference from 2013-2016. 


She truly enjoys how no day in the events industry is the same, every event is unique, and loves helping planners bring their vision to life with MeetingPlay’s innovative technology!


MeetingPlay would love to partner with you your next virtual or hybrid event with great technology and great service. Contact us