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Facebook App Event Optimization - What Does it Mean for #EventProfs?

Blair Pettrey

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Left and right it seems new, innovative technological changes are happening to the world of events and the way in which we engage, attract, and leverage attendees before, during and after our events.

From Android’s instant apps, to both Facebook and YouTube announcing live streaming in addition to the already readily utilized Periscope and Meerkat live streaming apps.

Today, Monday July 18, 2016 marked yet another innovative day in event technology, application, and potential live event engagement.What does that mean for event professionals? Key hint: it’s not what you think.


Facebook App Event Optimization

What is Facebook’s new “App Event Optimization”? In brief, it is a way to optimize and increase behaviors through Facebook’s ad network. Utilizing Facebook’s unique algorithm, users of apps can expect specific call to actions and ads within their Facebook event experience.

What are Facebook Events?

Facebook events are an extension of your already existing Facebook page. It is not a new page, or a new group, but it is an optimized page that is available for attendees of your event to network, engage, and collaborate in. Should your mobile event app not be utilizing networking, matchmaking or communication – Facebook events are a great secondary solution to increasing pre-event engagement.

(Learn how to set up both Facebook Events and LinkedIn Groups in our free eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Event Professionals).

I Already Have an Event App – Why Is Facebook’s App Event Optimization Important?

Regardless if you have an event app or not, utilizing Facebook’s new event app optimization has specific perks.

Tracking App Utilization Through Social

MeetingPlay’s industry leading event app analytics are great - but should an event professional already be comfortable and highly understanding of Facebook’s analytics and insights reporting system, this secondary approach to app engagement, leverage, and adoption through Facebook’s new App Event Optimization – allows basic reporting through Facebook’s analytics.

While analytical reporting and tracking from Facebook’s App Event Optimization is being showcased and launched as an answer to paid mobile apps such as King Inc.’s’ Farmville or Candy Crush – we imagine it’s also a response to the recent success of newly launched PokĂ©mon Go Go.  

Don’t let the cause stop you from understanding the value however – event professionals can utilize Facebook’s App Event Optimization as a secondary reporting system.

Potential Sponsorship Opportunities

While this method to app sponsorship would not be for every event’s typical sponsor – larger, more experienced sponsors can potentially leverage Facebook’s App Event Optimization in conjunction with event planners, through targeted and customized Facebook, dynamic audiences.

(You can learn more about dynamic Facebook audiences and ads, here.)

In Conclusion

Barely announced, MeetingPlay looks forward to the further expansion and opportunities that could potentially come from Facebook’s App Event Optimization. We remind event planners that “App Event Optimization” to Facebook is not the same thing as App Event Optimization when it comes to your mobile event app.  We urge those curious about mobile app optimization with regards to onsite events -  to connect with MeetingPlay.

We will share how MeetingPlay's custom solutions for live event engagement can truly transform, engage, and optimize your next event.

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