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7 Ways to Extend Your Event’s Life Cycle


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As an event planner, your work usually falls into one of the three event life cycle stages: Before the Event, During the Event and After the Event. We all know that engagement is the key to success, and with today’s event tech it’s easier than ever to keep the buzz alive after the doors close. Follow these seven steps to extend the life cycle of your event — and expand your brand awareness. 

Build a better event app

Custom Mobile Event AppEvent apps are key to the modern event experience, and crucial for extending your event’s lifecycle. We’ve talked to you before about creating a more personalized event app and suggest keeping your post-event activity in mind. When evaluating apps, make  sure you have the ability to use post-event polls, surveys and sharing. All of these features will help maintain momentum.

Show your gratitude

Don’t forget to extend a thank you to your guests. After your event, send a thank you email, update your event group page on Facebook, add a message to your Linkedin, send a tweet (event hashtag included!), post on Instagram, or do all of the above. Thank your guests let them know how they can keep up. Clients, sponsors and vendors will also appreciate a thank you. Gratitude goes a long way. 

Collect feedback

Extend Event Lifecycle Feedback Collection

Collecting feedback is a win-win. It keeps your event energy alive, helps attendees feel valued, and also sheds light on how to make improvements for next time. Remember to keep it brief and to-the-point. Read more about which questions to ask after your event and how to analyze the information you’ve gathered.

Send videos

Event Life Cycle Video SendingAfter your event, turn to your activity feed. Feeds are often a goldmine of images, comments, and testimonials that you can use as marketing material. Create a video to showcase the popularity and success of your event. Include highlights, key takeaways, testimonials and calls to action. This is the perfect way to remind your attendees of their uplifting and engaging experience. 

This is also a helpful tool for those who weren’t able to attend. The video will give them an understanding of what they’ll gain by attending next time. Encourage your viewers to share the video and remember to revisit this video when you’re creating your promotional material next year. Read more about how to incorporate videos into your event, here.

Show recognition

Show some love with shout-outs! Whether its showing your guests’ photos on a screen during the event, tweeting about their participation or including them as part of a testimonial video, your attendees will appreciate the personal recognition and will likely share the content with their networks. 

Share results

Event Life Cycle Result Sharing

Depending on the theme and goals of your event, you may have gathered data or news that your audience wants in on. Did you collectively support a cause or raise funds for a charity? Did your event garner exciting media coverage? Did your guests participation help manufacturers with the finishing touches before a product launch? If you have relevant information to your attendees, share it out! 

Create a post-event contest

Event Life Cycle Post-Event Contest CreationEncourage post-event participation by holding a contest on your social channels or within the event app. The content of the contests should be centered around the event itself. Prompt users to share information, photos, takeaways, videos and beyond. Incentivize the contest with a meaningful gift or a free ticket to next year’s event. 

How can MeetingPlay help?

Without doubt you’ve put a lot of effort into the pre-event stage and running the show. It’d be easy to stop after your last session ends, however, it’s important to keep the buzz alive. Extending the life cycle of your event lies in sharing and working with the material you have in effectively. 

Of course, MeetingPlay is here to ease the process. If you’re looking for more in-depth advice on post-event follow-up and event tech, subscribe to the MeetingPlay blog. And as always, if you want to talk it over with an expert, don’t hesitate to schedule a free demo!

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