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Discover the Expansive Features of a Custom Event App


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Are you curious about the amazing features you can find in a custom event app? Do you want to see everything event attendee apps have to offer for your next event?

Mobile event apps, like those offered by MeetingPlay, are highly customizable to meet your goals and event requirements. From basic functionality to advanced features, we know how to create the tools you need to make your event a huge success, improve your business, and generate a greater return on your investment.

Every event is different, so each app should be customized to bolster your specific event strategy. But there are standard event app features that typically appeal to event planners like you.

Some of the most popular basic features in a MeetingPlay event app include:

Event Agendas With Session Tracks – Present your attendees with session tracks and agendas before they arrive. Help them find all the content your event has to offer with valuable information they can access directly on their mobile device.

Attendee Profiles – Make your event unique to each of your attendees with shareable personalized profiles. Help your users find networking connections, learn more about each other, and tell everyone in attendance who they are.

Direct Messaging – Eliminate distractions when you provide your attendees with simple direct messaging directly from your event app.

Speaker Profiles – Give your attendees more information about your presenters, and help them find the content they value most. Speaker profiles help your content providers make their message more personal and generate interest in their topics.

Event and Venue Information – Tell your story and highlight your venue with information sent to your attendees’ mobile event app. Let them know more about you and all the hard work that went into your planning.

Event Maps - Help your attendees find their way around and enjoy more of the experiences your event has to offer. Reduce the frustration your attendees can feel from getting lost or missing out on valuable content.

Content Downloads – Eliminate the time commitment and expenses involved with printing flyers, agendas, and content. Allow users to access everything they need through their event-friendly app.

Push Notifications – Keep your attendees informed in real time. Prevent the frustration and negative reviews from someone missing a session due to a sudden change.

Basic Gamification Activities – Add some extra fun and value to your event. Increase your event engagement with fun activities for your attendees. Offer points and prizes when your users complete tasks, fill out cards, answer questions, network, and visit vendors.

Surveys – Receive real-time feedback on your event using brief surveys delivered to your attendees’ custom event app. Make changes on the fly and get ahead of negative reviews and social media posts. Use your attendees’ experiences to improve future events and get a better return on your investment.

Activity Feeds - Build an exclusive community around your event with personalized content, discussions, and networking. Hosts, sponsors, and attendees can interact using photo galleries and conversation walls. Event professionals can manage or modify content via administrative controls in the backend CMS.

If you’re looking for more advanced functionality, MeetingPlay can provide you with enhanced features, like:

Fast-Pass Onsite Registration – Provide effortless registration as soon as your guests arrive. Our event app integrates with the most commonly used registration software. Attendees can have more time to interact with your event and engage with each other when they spend less time checking-in.

Personalized Agendas – Create a one-of-a-kind experience for your attendees. As your event app users attend and select sessions, our app displays tracks, sessions, and general meeting schedules specific to each attendee.

QR Code Contact Sharing – No need for business cards. Facilitate networking and easy contact sharing with scannableR codes. Attendees can quickly exchange contact information by scanning QR codes using your event attendee app.

Attendee Session Tracking – Track the trends of your event. See when someone attends a session, or when they’re coming and going. Fine tune your event and content with the feedback in our event attendee app.

Proximity Networking – Alert attendees when they’re close to a pre-appointed networking match using iBeacon technology.

Attendee Matchmaking – Take the hassle and awkwardness out of networking. Use attendee profiles or custom preferences to pair users with their best networking matches.

Interactive Maps and Wayfinding – Take your mapping to the next level using iBeacon technology and 3-D maps. Help your attendees find their way around your venue with lifelike landmarks on their event app.

Customized and Group Gamification – Create gamification activities to meet your specific goals. Build teams and customize games based on your agenda and desired event outcomes.

 Whatever your required level of customization or event goals, mobile event apps can help you boost your event and keep your attendees engaged from start to finish.

Contact us to discuss how the features in our mobile event app can help you reach or exceed your event goals.



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